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The distilleries of Kufsteinerland

Distilled treasures

The coppery tank gleams. Its tap is turned carefully. The first fine drop. Then clear goodness starts to flow out. Filling the bulbous bottom of the glass. Greengage plum. Pear. Williams. Or what about garlic? Fine brandies from the best. Traditional and innovative. In the same way as Kufsteinerland, with its eight picturesque villages, surrounding nature and fortress city, manages to combine the terms "historical" and "urban flair", the products from Kufsteinerland distilleries manage to combine tradition and innovation. Old fruit varieties. Creative recipes. Living traditions. There is a focus on regionality and quality. Surrounded by the Tyrolean Mountains in Kufsteinerland, the fruit for the fine brandies and schnapps made by the distilleries is usually grown in orchards on their doorstep. Ripe fruit surrounded by natural Tyrolean landscapes. The juniper berries are picked from wild juniper shrubs at Thiersee. Hand workmanship refines the finished products. A look behind the scenes. High-strength experiences in Kufsteinerland.

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