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Schmider distillery Ebbs

Great-grandfather’s pears - liquid love in old masonry

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He stretches his arms out toward her. Holds her carefully. A searching look. A satisfied smile. The cider pears are ripe. Harvest time. His great-grandfather planted the tree that, in addition to many other trees, supplies the base product for his passion. Fine brandy. Fruit schnapps. Albert Schmider brings together the sweetness of the pears and the distinctive character of the apples in his liquid love.

Old masonry & Tyrolean tradition

When his father died unexpectedly many years ago, Albert Schmider took over his work. He distilled the pear mash that was left in the boiler. The result ignited his passion. He continued to learn, and built his own boiler for the “Messerschmied distillery”. The old farmhouse was built in 1536 in the centre of Ebbs, one of the eight picturesque villages of Kufsteinerland. It has been in the family for at least five generations. Albert Schmider lovingly restored it, integrated a show distillery, offers his guests tastings and takes them on a journey through the world of fine brandy. Tyrolean culture. History. Tradition.

Liquid Kufsteinerland

Albert Schmider teaches interested connoisseurs how apples and pears are transformed into fine brandies. He allows them to dive in to his passion. “For me, every bottle of fine brandy contains the variety and uniqueness of Kufsteinerland, and the love I feel for it. A piece of home. A piece of Tyrol’s natural landscape. We have clear mountain water and a varied climate. This creates wonderful fruit. Empress Maria Theresa permitted us to pour these treasures into bottles. In a sense the brandy distillers preserve the Tyrolean cultural landscape with our fruit trees.”

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