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Active through the Kufsteinerland

A unique "alpine-urban" experience throughout the year

It's the mix that makes the Kufsteinerland so appealing for sporty, active people. The blend of nature, city, countryside, and Tyrolean mountain scenery. All year round. The center is marked by the impressive and well-known Kufstein Fortress, visible from afar, on the Fortress Mountain. Surrounding it: The inviting panorama of the Tyrolean mountains, with the foothills of the Zahmer Kaiser and the Wilder Kaiser, the nature idyll of the Kaisertal, and plenty of mountains and peaks.
Both summer and winter offer countless varied activities to explore the region or use it as a sporting base: Hiking, climbing, mountain biking, road cycling, swimming - or in winter, skiing, cross-country skiing, ski touring, or winter hiking. The Kufsteinerland is particularly known for its immediate proximity to attractive ski areas, such as the insanely large SkiWelt Wilder Kaiser - Brixental, or the much smaller and cozier family ski area of Bayrischzell. Therefore, the Kufsteinerland offers exactly the right package for EVERYONE. All year. Very close by.

Culture through the Kufsteinerland

All year round

The Kufsteinerland entices with cultural diversity and historical charm. The imposing Kufstein Fortress majestically overlooks the city, telling tales of bygone eras. Art lovers will find local creativity in galleries and exhibitions. The Kufsteinerland offers musical highlights with concerts and festivals that blend tradition and modernity. Traditional events like the Kaiserfest allow one to experience the authentic Tyrolean way of life. The Kufsteinerland reveals cultural treasures that transport visitors to a fascinating world.

In Kufsteinerland, you can expect a variety of activities beyond cultural highlights. Explore the surrounding mountains by hiking or mountain biking. The Tyrolean nature invites you to climb and raft. In winter, the nearby ski areas offer unforgettable runs. Pay attention to local weather conditions and check for any restrictions. Respect nature and follow the marked routes to preserve the beauty of Kufsteinerland. Enjoy the diverse leisure activities and experience the region actively and responsibly.

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