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Ermäßigung und Vorteil mit der KufsteinerlandCard

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  • Bad Häring
  • Ebbs
  • Erl
  • Kufstein
  • Langkampfen
  • Niederndorf
  • Niederndorferberg
  • Schwoich
  • Thiersee


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Dialog.Lecture with Dr. Herbert Renz-Polster - Kufstein

Dialog.Lecture with Dr. Herbert Renz-Polster


Dialogue.Lecture and subsequent discussion with Dr. Herbert Renz-Polster UNDERSTANDING TODDLERS CORRECTLY (0-3 years) Why do children around the world develop the way they do? The bestselling...

Night watchman tour - Kufstein


9.00 p.m. until 10.30 p.m. With a lantern, cloak and halbert, our nightwachtman will lead you through Kufstein, steeped in history, telling many a stroy from times gone by. This walk is not a...

Hike to the power place St. Nikolaus Chapel - Ebbs


10 a.m. until 12.00 a.m. Respecting the cyrcle of the year and living in harmony with the natural rhythms, that's what we'll learn to appreciate on this hike. On our circular walk to the St....

Slowing down & 'Forest bathing' - Thiersee


10.00 a.m. until 2.00 p.m. We walk along the edge of the captivating mountain village of Hinterthiersee, through the Modalwald with its powerful stone labyrinth. Qi Gong exercises, we engage in some...

Tschick - Kufstein

Tschick - Kufstein


Two boys. A cracked Lada. A journey full of detours and surprises that turns everything upside down. It is the first day of the summer holidays. The mother of 14-year-old Maik is once again in rehab,...

Looking for traces in the Kaisergebirge - Kufstein

Looking for traces in the Kaisergebirge


With our guide you become an Indian and learn to recognize the tracks of well hidden animals. There is more to discover than just footprints! Take a close look and be curious, because your guide has...

Goose weeks - Kufstein


All around carefree Ganslos package for 4 - And 'what's on the table? Food: Homemade goose lard and Victoria's rye sourdough bread followed by crispy martini goose with marjoram juice, apple-red...

Muerte - ritual of shamanic death - Kufstein


MUERTE - ritual of shamanic death with Georg Schantl / ElementsOfOneness as part of the Themes.Tage TOD zu SAMHAIN A powerful journey into the shamanic realms of dying and death. On this journey...

Gernot Haas „VIP VIP Hurrraa!!!” - Kufstein


For his 10th stage anniversary, the multi-faceted Gernot Haas slips into the roles of the most popular celebrities from sports, politics and show business. The popular psychotherapist Anna Maria...

The most beautiful late autumn stories - Kufstein

The most beautiful late autumn stories - Kufstein


FAMILY.TIME readings for everyone (approx. 3 - 10 years) with Tom & Brigitte WENINGER There are countless books and stories for every season - how can you find the right one? Tom & Brigitte...


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