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Ermäßigung und Vorteil mit der KufsteinerlandCard

  • Reduktion mit Karte


  • Bad Häring
  • Ebbs
  • Erl
  • Kufstein
  • Langkampfen
  • Niederndorf
  • Niederndorferberg
  • Schwoich
  • Thiersee


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From farm to farm ... - Niederndorf

From farm to farm ...


2 p.m until 5 p.m. Away from trodden hiking trails and amidst a diverse landscape we hike from farm to farm, enjoying the unique views down into Inn Valley. But abbove all, it's the...

tavern.culture *Canceled* - Ebbs


The Ebbser Wirtshaus.Kultur continues its successful path: Enjoyment culture meets cultural enjoyment. Since 2019, our Ebbser Wirtshaus.Kultur has been spoiling you not only culinary, but also...

Angels welcom - Kufstein


An evening in the presence of the archangels. with Carola Harter • Listen to the messages they want to share with the group. • Find out which topics are important for the group at the...

Night watchman tour - Kufstein


9.00 p.m. until 10.30 p.m. With a lantern, cloak and halbert, our nightwachtman will lead you through Kufstein, steeped in history, telling many a stroy from times gone by. This walk is not a...

Slowing down & 'Forest bathing' - Thiersee

Slowing down & 'Forest bathing' - Thiersee


10.00 a.m. until 2.00 p.m. We walk along the edge of the captivating mountain village of Hinterthiersee, through the Modalwald with its powerful stone labyrinth. Qi Gong exercises, we engage in some...

Your personal angel channeling - Kufstein

Your personal angel channeling


"My talent is my calling, which allows me to be a pure channel medium for you to the spirit world and to the individual souls. This fills me with great humility and infinite gratitude, but also with...

Conquering the historic fortress town - Kufstein


11.00 a.m. until 12.00 a.m. Kufstein was promoted to the staturs of town 600 years ago and has a long-standing history which revolves around Kufstein fortress. During the tour the guides will tell...

Tyrolean herbal cuisine - Thiersee


13.00 p.m. until 16.00 p.m. The small herb garden by Lake Thiersee is well worth a visit. There are many herbs to explore here. Our expert offers insight into the use of herbs and some of their...

Reading.stage with presenter Tom Weninger - Kufstein


Do you like to write and have something to say? Then come to our WORDPLAY.Abend and read without review on our reading stage with moderator Tom Weninger. Register with us, take your friends with you,...

Autumn festival - Kufstein

Autumn festival - Kufstein


10:30 - 17:00 Regionality and craftsmanship, these are the strong pillars of the "Herbst-Genusstag" in the Kufstein City Park. Smelling, seeing, tasting and sampling - that's what the...


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