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Hiking passes are a good old tradition allowing you to mark off your completed route...and in Kufsteinerland this tradition is continuing into the modern day with the Summit Lynx App. The app will take you to the most stunning peaks, mountain pastures and places of natural beauty, well away from the crowded trails.

There is a special challenge for very ambitious hikers with the ‘gold medal’. This takes you to the most spectacular and highest peaks in the region with stunning views far over the surrounding areas. For those hikers who want to get their full share of enjoyment in the mountains, there is a ‘silver medal’ leading from pasture to pasture. This route takes you to the quaintest huts with leisurely climbs. You can treat yourselves in the huts after a wonderful hike and earn points for your very own medal in the process. A very special tour is provided by the ‘bronze medal’, which is designed for everyone who wants to gain energy from nature. It’s all about resonating with nature with Natureresponse® in these wonderful natural energetic places. Taking in the places of tranquillity in Kufsteinerland will have an activating effect on you.

Kufsteinerland is a real jewel of natural energy due to its geology and geography: with the valleys and mountain ranges from the entrance in the north by Erl to the Wilder Kaiser, the extensive forests and meadows in the idyllic, higher Hinterthiersee Valley and the light, fresh heights of the sunny plateau around the spa resort of Bad Häring – it is precisely this diverse landscape filled with gorges and caves along with the spectacular heights and viewing points that forms the impressive Kufsteinerland power triangle.

It’s so easy:
Anyone who owns a smartphone doesn’t need to carry a cardboard hiking pass around with them anymore. It is so much easier with the SummitLynx app. The app is available for free in all app stores. Just install the app, get the hiking boots on and go. There are three different routes to choose from. With GOLD, SILVER or BRONZE, depending on how ambitious you are feeling, you select your destination in the respective category. When you arrive at the destination you can open the app to mark your arrival there - even without internet access. You can also take a picture and enter it into the app’s virtual summit record book. SummitLynx will count the destinations you have been to and automatically award you the right medal. Of course you can also get a real medal to attach to a walking stick at the Kufsteinerland tourist information offices - just as if you present a traditional stamped pass.

  • Gold stick crest ‘Mountain peak tour’

    Gold stick crest ‘Mountain peak tour’

    Destinations: Hinteres Sonnwendjoch Thierseetal/Bavaria, Hundsalmjoch Thierseetal/Mariastein, Pendling Thiersee, Petersköpfl Kaisergebirge Ebbs, Scheffauer im Kaisergebirge, Spitzstein Erl, Wöhrer Köpfl Schwoich/Kufstein

  • Silver stick crest ‘Mountain pasture tour’

    Silver stick crest ‘Mountain pasture tour’

    Destinations: Altkaser Alm at Spitzstein Erl, Berghaus Aschenbrenner Kufstein, Hinterbärenbad - Anton Karg Haus Ebbs, Höhlensteinhaus Langkampfen, Kranzhornalm Erl, Mariandlalm Thiersee, Stöfflhütte on the Walleralm Scheffau, Weinbergerhaus Kufstein

  • Bronze stick crest ‘Natural places in resonance’

    Bronze stick crest ‘Natural places in resonance’

    Destinations: Adlerblick Kaiserlift Kufstein, St. Antony’s Chapel Kaisertal, Haslacher Moor Bad Häring, Hochmoor Riedenberg, Bad Häring Energy and Source Route, Glemmbachklamm Thiersee, Häringer tranquil point, Hunters’ Chapel Schattberg Thiersee, ‘Maria auf dem Stein’ Chapel Kaisergebirge, Thiersee energy spot, Labyrinth Breitenau Thiersee, St Mary’s Chapel Steinberg, Mayrhoferkreuz Thiersee, Mirakel Brünnl Kaisergebirge, Steinkreis Riedenberg Thiersee, Königslinde Schwoich, Ruins of Rudersburg Langkampfen, Korinusklamm Thiersee, Thierberg Chapel Kufstein, ‘Wildschütz’ viewing point Niederndorf, Bad Häring waterfall, St. Nicholas’s Church Ebbs

  • Fortress stick crest ‘Fortress tour’

    Fortress stick crest ‘Fortress tour’

    Destination: Kufstein Fortress

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