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Curling in Kufsteinerland

Fun on the ice

The curling stone glides in. A straight swing. It hits the other stone. Changes course briefly to then rest just next to the ‘Daube’ . Laughter. Cheers. The ice cracks gently from the cold. Breath creating little clouds of mist, which quickly rise up. The warming rays of the sun that are already pushing their way through the snow-covered tree tops, are welcome. A few steps on the frozen lake to the curling stone. The game continues. Tyrol’s mountains in Kufsteinerland provide a majestic backdrop. Curling in the middle of the lake, surrounded by the forest, completely covered in snow.

Art or Nature

Traditions that are alive and well. Sporting fun. Curling is a traditional popular sport here in Kufsteinerland, with its fortress town set amidst natural surroundings and its eight picturesque villages. On the ice rinks or in the middle of the natural landscape in Kufsteinerland, when winter transforms the lakes into smooth ice-covered expanses. Several times a week there is an opportunity to enjoy curling on the ice with a professional, as part of the winter adventure programme in Kufsteinerland – they have the requisite expertise to teach you the perfect swing.

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Winter Activities in Kufsteinerland:

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