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Guided tours of Kufstein

Discover the fortress town

It’s getting colder. Hardly any sunshine is penetrating the compact rows of houses. The path heads down over the cobbles, into the maze of narrow streets. One turn, then another. Then he suddenly stops and starts to tell a story. ‘This is the oldest part of Kufstein ....’ The experienced guide from the guide association, the ‘Interessengemeinschaft der Fremdenführer’, based in Tyrol’s lowland area and Kitzbühel, provides fascinating insights into the fortress town and Kufstein fortress during your tours.

Guided tour of Kufstein

Guided city tour - classic:
The narrow paths in the Old Town. The history of Römerhofgasse. The architecture of the townhall. The background information about each individual sight. Explore all aspects of Kufstein; don’t miss any of the special features in this fortress town. A glimpse into the past. Culture. Special geographic features. Social cohesion. A voyage of discovery through the fortress town.

There are also themed city tours available, which can be booked as an alternative to classic city tours:

Themed city tour 1 - Kufstein's historic rise under the Habsburg coat of arms, the double-headed eagle:
The feudal knight and renaissance prince Maximillian I, an innovative and visionary ruler in the turn of the Middle Ages, also leaves a prominent mark on Kufstein! He, the most influential and important emperor in Europe, has expanded the Kufstein fortress with impressive architectural masterpieces! Over the centuries until 1918 we can see the traces of the Habsburgs in Kufstein. Follow us!

Themed city tour 2 - Tracking down the origins of the "Kufsteiner Lied" song:
... who does not know the „Kufsteiner Lied” (song), but how was it created? Summer holidays in the mountains and Tyrolean cosiness accompanied by music were the holiday trend in the post-war period! The “Kufsteiner Lied” by Karl Ganzer made Kufstein world-famous. Track down one of Austria's most sung folk songs!

Themed city tour 3 - Oberer Stadtplatz/Zeitzeuge vieler Jahrhunderte
… Kufstein's cityscape in transition - an exciting time trip! „Oberer Stadtplatz" (upper town square) – a witness of many centuries! The houses of the upper town square are witness of an eventful history and tell their fascinating story. From a farming-oriented small town to the prosperous and wealthy city with prominent personalities as their architects.

Themed city tour 4 - The Odyssey of the Dean Dr Matthäus Hörfarter:
… curious about a very special success story? An initially unhealthy son of a farmer from Kössen (a village near Kufstein) was taken to the school care of the church, then purposefully obtained a PhD in theology and also became university professor in Salzburg. Why did he come to Kufstein? The city flourished under the visionary and intellectual creativeness of the Priest!

Everything at a glance:

  • 1 guide to a maximum of 35 people
  • Date and time: as requested
  • Duration: around 70 minutes
  • Meeting point: Accommodation, bus parking area, Fischergries and Wechselberger
  • Cost: EUR 106.00 per travel escort | EUR 70.00 when staying the night in Kufsteinerland
  • EUR 32.00 for guided tours after 6.00 p.m. (in winter after 5.00 p.m.)

Guided tour of Kufstein fortress

Over the cobbles through the archway, up the steps. A short climb. A breath-taking view. Kufstein on foot. A guided tour to the fortress with a guide takes visitors to special areas at the old ruins, provides a detailed insight into life as it once was, with stories which bring medieval times to life.

Everything at a glance:

  • 1 guide to a maximum of 25 people
  • Time: between 9.00 a.m. - 5.00 p.m. in the summer | between 10.00 a.m. - 4.00 p.m. in the winter
  • Duration: around 75 minutes – plus ascent and descent via the fortress lift
  • Meeting point: fortress entrance
  • Admission fees fortress: Summer €13.- per person | Winter €12,50 per person (groups of 10 or more); Subject to change!
  • Guided tour: €3.50 per person (minimum tariff of €84.00 per guide)

Kufstein culture walk

Unlike a classic city tour, this culture walk will give you interesting information about the ambitious economic life and educational system of the City of Kufstein. Historical monuments at selected beautiful locations surrounded by nature, with a wonderful view of the Kufstein Fortress, tell us their exciting stories. The easy hike takes us through the new city park and into the green areas surrounding the city. This tour gives an impressive insight into the thriving City of Kufstein on the green Inn River. Enjoy this varied excursion into the past!

The facts:

  • Date: On request (for 1-20 people)
  • Duration: Approx. 1.5 hours
  • Costs: €125.00
  • Meeting point: Lower town square / Marienbrunnen fountain
  • Route: Marienbrunnen fountain - upper town square - culture quarter - Franz-Josefsplatz - city park - FH Kufstein - Kalvarienberg (Andreas Hofer monument) - List monument - Madersperger monument - Spindler monument - Kienbergstraße - courthouse - Gymnasium (secondary school) - Hotel Goldener Löwe - St. Vitus - old courthouse

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