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Guided tours of Kufstein

discover. experience. conquer.

Follow us on paths over historic cobblestones, through the labyrinth of Kufstein's narrow alleyways. After a few twists and turns, the story begins: "Here is the oldest part of Kufstein...". Our knowledgeable guides from Austria Guides reveal hidden stories of the fortress town on their tours. An unforgettable experience full of history and charm.

The various guided tours

classic. individual. unique.

Classic city tour
Experience Kufstein's charm: through winding alleyways in the old town, along the historic Römerhofgasse to the impressive architecture of the town hall. Immerse yourself in the stories behind the sights, discover cultural treasures and social facets. A captivating journey through the fortress city awaits!

Houses tell their story
With us through Kufstein's centuries-old old town! Its walls, once a meeting place for merchants, town lords and visionaries, tell captivating stories. From the convivial atmosphere to the creative spirit of invention - join us on a fascinating journey through history.

The Kufsteinerlied conquers the world!
2022 marked the 75th anniversary of the world-famous Kufsteinerlied by Karl Ganzer. Accompany us through "the little town of Kufstein on the green Inn" and "the pearl of Tyrol" - as it is sung in the song and discover the fascinating story behind this popular world hit. A song that connects hearts and reflects Kufstein's soul.

Everything at a glance:

  • General: 1 guide of max. 35 people
  • Date and time: as desired
  • Duration: approx 70 minutes
  • Meeting point: individually, by arrangement
  • Costs - Classic tour: EUR 99.00 per tour guide | EUR 73.00 for overnight stays in Kufsteinerland
  • Cost - Themed tour: EUR 115.00 per tour guide | No discount for overnight stays in Kufsteinerland
  • Surcharge: EUR 20.00 for guided tours in foreign languages | EUR 35.00 for guided tours after 6.00 pm (in winter after 5.00 pm)

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Kufstein Fortress

Kufstein Fortress
Kufstein Fortress

The era of knights is brought back to life. Kufstein Fortress, one of the most significant historical monuments in Tyrol. An attractive world of adventure. A spectacular and unique events location.


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