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Health and relaxation on the sunshine plateau in the spa town of Bad Häring

A little stream rushes beneath the bridge. Your gaze is drawn upwards. The leaves shimmer light green in the sunshine. Smooth, wet stone covered with moss. A waterfall in the centre. A light mist permeates the air, conjuring up a rainbow. Clear, cold mountain water. A Kneipp water treading area right at the waterfall. The wellness and health village of Bad Häring.

Health and views
The picturesque village situated on a sunny plateau at the foot of the Polven mountain is known for its sulphur spring. Relaxation. Tranquillity. Health and wellness surrounded by the natural Tyrolean landscape around Bad Häring. From the ‘Rück-dich-Gesund-Pfad’ trail to the ‘Gesundheitsweg’ trail. Bad Häring’s elevated location provides impressive views to the Inntal Valley, to the surrounding Tyrolean mountains in Kufsteinerland. An idyllic backdrop for sports and activities. Where mind, body and soul are to the fore. Maintaining health and getting healthy in Bad Häring Health Resort and in ‘Rehabilitationszentrum Häring’. The only spa town in Tyrol is characterised by its past, which is rich in tradition. A miners’ village. Mining. Discover this history.

  • Draw new strength and energy

    Draw new strength and energy

    Healing sulphur spring. Wellness and relaxation. 4-star spa hotel. The Bad Häring health resort offers more than 100 different therapies, which use the natural healing power of the healing sulphur spring.

  • Beautiful natural monument

    Beautiful natural monument

    Moss-covered rocks. Cool air. Sparkling water drops. The water rushes over the rocks, creating spray. Relax and enjoy yourself. Dream. Enjoy nature at the waterfall in Bad Häring.

  • The secrets of life

    The secrets of life

    Stone circles. Yin and yang. Wellness in the forest. Sharpen the senses. The three kilometre long health path in Bad Häring is an experience for the senses, and provides insights into the secrets of life.

  • Health as the goal

    Health as the goal

    Consistent and comprehensive. Modern and progressive. Five stations, 136 beds. The Häring rehabilitation centre, operated by "Allgemeinen Unfallversicherungsanstalt" (the general accident insurance institution), offers comprehensive accident treatment.


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Kufsteinerland and its villages

  • Kufstein


    Urban flair combined with rural idyll. The Kaiser Mountains nature reserve, within reach thanks to the Kaiserlift. The downtown has an Italian flair with its cafés and bars. Stroll. Taste. Exclusive boutiques. World-famous companies such as Riedel Glas. The historical fortress, an impressive symbol of the region. Beautiful Römerhofgasse. The green Inn River. Tradition. Top-class cultural events.

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  • Bad Häring

    Bad Häring

    Located on a sunny plateau at the foot of Pölven, Bad Häring offers stunning views. It is an idyllic location, dedicated to health, rest and relaxation. From the sulphur springs to the Kneipp facility and the health path. Top-class treatments are offered at the Bad Häring health resort and rehabilitation centre. The historical side of the former miner's village gives fascinating insights into the life of the past.

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  • Langkampfen


    Between the forested foothills at the back of Pendling, between meadows, pastures and the Inn wetlands, is this spread out village. Traditional farmyards give it a rural charm. Its view over the Inn Valley and the greenish shimmering Stimmersee is fascinating. Tyrolean nature offers the perfect environment for companies, which integrate harmoniously into their surroundings.

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  • Schwoich


    Living traditions, customs and active participation in club life give the small, charming village a particularly liveable flair. The rural tranquillity combines with innovative ideas, and is the home of various culinary delights. From distilleries to a beer brewery. Bierol. Fine brandies. Award-winning specialities. A village community in the middle of the sunny Tyrolean Mountains.

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  • Thiersee


    Cultural highlights. Locations that recharge your energy. Idyllic natural landscapes. A beautiful recreation area on the sunny Thiersee plateau, which combines nature and culture. The Thiersee passion plays have enchanted thousands of visitors since 1799. Thiersee, in the middle of the Brandenberg Alps, offers beautiful views. It is a natural power place: an idyllic natural lake in front of a backdrop of the Tyrolean Mountains.

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  • Ebbs


    Located at the foot of the Zahmer Kaiser, surrounded by expansive meadows is the village that is famous for its horses and the world's Halflinger centre at the Stud Farm Ebbs. Art and culture come together in late summer with the Austria's largest and traditional flower parade. Tradition, beautiful farmyards, gentle hills and the Kaisertal characterise this picturesque village.

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  • Niederndorf


    Culinary delights enchant you in this picturesque village, surrounded by expansive meadows and the gently rolling foothills of the Zahmer Kaiser. Top-class regional specialities. Traditional handicrafts. Sustainability. As part of the culinary region "Untere Schranne", the village seduces the palate and brings Kufsteinerland to your plate. Enjoyment routes connect nature with Tyrolean delicacies.

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  • Niederndorferberg


    Rural tranquillity characterises this hilltop settlement on a ridge. Life is shaped by agriculture. Beautiful farmyards. Culinary delicacies from the alm. Traditionally processed by enterprises such as the Hatzenstädt dairy. Experience nature up close at the Wildbichl Wildlife Park. The elevated location fascinates with spectacular views. Rest. Relaxation. Enjoyable hiking. Relax and enjoy yourself.

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  • Erl


    Lush green meadows, musical delights. The passion play house and festival hall give the events in this picturesque village a unique character. A combination of culture and nature make the village a Tyrolean Festival village. Customs meet cultural highlights. Passion plays Erl. Tyrolean Festival Erl. Fascinating and mystical power places. The blue spring. The waterfall in Erl. Recharge strength and energy.

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