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Tyrolean glass handicraft

Crystal-clear beauty

Beautiful. Fragile. Multifaceted. Changeable. Luxury good. Everyday object. Glass. A fascinating material, from its manufacturing to the finished workmanship. Glass is a material with a long history. The oldest written mentioning hails from the year 1600 BC. Long before that, this special material was probably already produced, shaped, used. The history of glass in Tirol also goes back a long way. For more than 500 years, unique and popular glassware has been crafted here in the Alps, known across the world.

Crystalline insights

In the centre of Kufsteinerland, in the fortress town by the green Inn River, crystal-clear optics have achieved world fame. Riedel glasses. A unique quality. Fantasy. Patience. Ambition. Knowledge. Skill. Innovation. With its glasses, the Riedel Glas company revolutionised the way we enjoy wine. In the original company building in Kufstein, you can get up close with the fascination that is glass. Looking over the shoulders of the glass blowers. Seeing glass blowing at close range. The symphony transforms the glass museum into a multi-sensory experience. Another company that has fallen for the passion of glass in Rattenberg is Kisslinger Kristall-Glas. Artisanal craftsmanship. Unica. The love for the fragile material. Centuries-old techniques. Impressively the glass blowers enchant with their fascinating art. Carrying you off into the world of fragile beauty.

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