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Flying manes & clattering hoofs

Riding & horse carriage riding in Kufsteinerland

The wind blows your hair back, and brings refreshment. The hooves hardly seem to touch the road. Lush fields alternate with bright yellow flowering meadows. The mountain ranges pass by until the view is blocked by trees. It smells like moss. The only sound is the quiet stamping of the hooves on the forest floor. Horse adventure in Kufsteinerland.

Saddle or carriage

From lively ponies to elegant Haflingers, which originate in Tyrol. From little pony farms to the world Haflinger centre at the stud farm Ebbs. There are a huge variety of horse experiences awaiting in Kufsteinerland. A romantic carriage ride through the fortress city. An excursion to eat weißwurst in neighbouring Bavaria. An adventurous ride along the foot of the Zahmer Kaiser, past meadows and fields. Exploratory tours around Kufstein and the eight picturesque villages of Kufsteinerland let horse lovers explore the natural Tyrolean landscape up close.

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