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      Health experts in Kufsteinerland.

      Look after yourself, stay healthy! Health is our most important asset. This also includes our mental and spiritual well-being. Your time in Kufsteinerland should encourage you and create awareness for a sustainable regeneration. Energetic healing and Qi Gong walks along our natural energy centres will help you. Sporting activities strengthen your body and give you new energy. There are two special places in Kufsteinerland for health conscious people: Tyrol’s first spa town Bad Häring and the energy valley Thiersee. Both villages have natural healing sources. In Bad Häring you find a sulfur source with healing effect for the human organism. In Thiersee there are places demonstrably promoting the flow of energy in the body.

      Monthly Tip

      from Maria Bachmann

      The use and processing of herbs into remedies is an ancient tradition, much appreciated and still part of our everyday life within our region. Numerous herb gardens and activities are available to immerse yourself in the world of herbs. Trained experts pass on their expertise during hikes and in workshops. On herbal tours you will learn more about the effect of plants in foods and cosmetics. At cooking workshops, one or the other herb is tasted and processed into delicious dishes.

      Kufsteinerland herb worlds

      Kufsteinerland herb worlds


      Kufsteinerland herb worlds

      Kufsteinerland has up to seven lovingly planted herb gardens, with hundreds of different plant and herb species. Each herb garden is set up with a theme, whether it's European Ayurveda or the spiral of life.


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