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Gasthaus & Hotel Dresch - Erl

The way to the heart is through the stomach - The connoisseur
Gasthaus Dresch in Erl The passion of the Anker family makes every visit to the Genießer Gasthaus Dresch a culinary delight: Here you can feel genuine hospitality that comes from the heart. Here you can feast on Austrian delicacies as well as specialties from the region and indulge in good feelings. At the Genießer Gasthaus Dresch in Erl, they work at the highest level: a festival for the senses! It is therefore not surprising that her cuisine has now been awarded a toque by Gault Millau. The head chef, Karl Anker, tells his career as follows:

Actually by a happy coincidence – although they are rare and I am convinced that everyone has their destiny (in a positive sense). At that time, my mother-in-law still ran the inn together with my father-in-law and she broke her arm in a household accident. From then on, I helped her out in the kitchen and discovered my love for cooking.

Since I actually come from a completely different corner after attending a Catholic high school in Salzburg and studying business administration, I learned almost all the basics from my mother-in-law. I acquired further knowledge by watching a lot and reading books. And of course, you just have to try a lot to find your way. We were awarded a toque for the first time in 2012 – that was and still is of course a great honour and always a confirmation that we are already on the right track.

My professional vision? That's a good question. In fact, I don't know if it's really a vision. It is important to me that even more people get a good awareness of food again. Especially when it comes to waste and origin. Regionality often has a small aftertaste, but it should never have one. Knowing where my products come from, how they are produced. We don't just start with Austrian products, but for us the view over the Inn is also regional. It is important to me that food is consciously enjoyed again and that you know what you have on your plate in front of you and – very important – that you take time to eat and enjoy the time together again.

-- Karl Anker

Culinary Culture and Cultural Enjoyment - At the Genießer Gasthaus Dresch in Erl
A look into the dining room: The tables are already newly set. The nightly spectacle of the connoisseurs has just taken place on this stage: people come and go. The map is studied. It is ordered and decided which direction the evening will take: From a dignified dinner to a multi-course festive menu, everything is possible at the Genießer Gasthaus Dresch. Wine is poured. Plates are carried up and away. A pleasant warmth fills the guests. Maybe the wine will go to your head, maybe it's just an old saying that comes true when you eat.

Enjoy in the best companyThe dining room at the Genießer Gasthaus Dresch is full of conversations. There is a lot of talk, also about art and culture, because the connoisseur inn benefits from the nearby festival halls: When the Tyrolean Festival Erl or the Passion Play take place every six years, then it is high season at the Genießer Gasthaus Dresch. Even the opening hours of the restaurant will be adapted to the start times of the performances. You want to make sure that every single person who comes to Erl to marvel at the stage art is also well taken care of in terms of culinary delights. Because good food is a cultural asset at Gasthof Dresch that has been cherished for generations.

Good food makes you forget your worries
That's why you don't have airs and graces, because at the Genießer Gasthaus Dresch in Erl, the guest is always the focus of all efforts. What is served here is something to be proud of: The fine menu of the connoisseur Gasthaus Dresch awaits with delicacies. The selection of appetizers ranges from warm soups to an appetizer variation advertised as a "Koster plate", to carpaccio of beef fillet or grilled goat cheese. Particularly worth mentioning is the large selection of different salads. If you are a true connoisseur, you will appreciate these light compositions - the Styrian fried chicken salad or the fish feast salad - not only in between.

Of course, the main courses play the main role: For fish lovers, fillets of either Tyrolean brook trout or zander are served on Riesling foam. Also recommended are the truffled alpine cheese noodles, which come in a cheese wheel. Not to be missed is the Tris dumpling, which has already become a classic. For meat lovers, the Wiener Schnitzel is always on the menu, as well as steaks or lamb crowns - depending on the season. The menu at the Genießer Gasthaus Dresch is changed monthly and so one thing can only be promised at this point: The quality of the food is outstanding, a visit to the Genießer Gasthaus Dresch is a true festival for the senses.

The whole
family at work Behind the hustle and bustle and the many loving details that you encounter at every turn at Gasthof Dresch is a family: the head of the family, Karl Anker, met the innkeeper's daughter Martina at a young age and quickly swapped his studies in business administration for a degree in hospitality in his own business. As an autodidact, he began to wield the wooden spoon and has come a long way with it: The connoisseur Gasthaus Dresch has been awarded a toque by the Gault-Millau restaurant guide for several years in a row.

In addition to father Karl Anker, daughter Victoria is also involved in the kitchen. Like her sister Lisa, she graduated from hotel management school. The third member of the team - Isabella - has taken a different path after the hotel management school: As a media designer, she takes care of the charming outdoor appearance of the connoisseur Gasthaus Dresch. From the first visit to the homepage to the service at dinner to the check-in and the tastefully furnished rooms - everything is just right here. The Genießer Gasthaus Dresch is not only an award-winning restaurant, but also "the smallest hotel" in Kufsteinerland. So if you want to enjoy yourself more extensively, you can stay at the Genießer Gasthaus Dresch and spend the night in one of the natural wood or romantic rooms with 4* comfort.

An inn for connoisseurs
The Anker family is sure to receive thunderous applause from their guests every evening. Many of her "performances" in the tavern have been sold out so far, so a table reservation is recommended. When asked about their gastronomic secret, the family only reveals this much: What is served at the Genießer Gasthaus Dresch must meet their own, extremely high standards. The family finds inspiration for their daily work in food - how could it be otherwise. When the curtain falls and the gaze wanders through the dining room once more, the members of the Anker family can be satisfied: It is said that the greatest pleasure for the senses is the healthy rest after work.

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