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Hatzenstädt Alpine dairy Niederndorferberg – enjoyment from the alm and valley

Regional organic cheese

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The quiet clinking gets louder. It fills the otherwise quiet morning air. There's not much to be seen. Wafts of mist block the view upward. But a look in the direction of the clinking and men are standing at the ready. It's still cold. Then it suddenly appears. The precious load. Carried from the alms on Niederndorfberg to the valley by the material ropeway. Organic milk. The milk cans arrive at the Hatzenstädt Alpine dairy. From the alm directly to processing.

A medieval tradition

Cheese production has a long tradition in Kufsteinerland, with the fortress city, surrounding nature and eight picturesque villages. Cheese was already produced on many Tyrolean mountain farms in the Middle Ages. The first documented reference to cheese manufacture on Niederndorferberg goes back to the year 1224. The Hatzenstädt Alpine dairy received its current name in 1480, and very early on committed to high-quality production with exclusively regional raw materials. From the feed to the sale.

Twelve hours for enjoyment

Pure spring water. Natural calf rennet. Salt. Nothing more is added to the milk during cheese production, and the milk only contains natural ingredients from Kufsteinerland. Summer alm and regular meadow grazing. Surrounded by the Tyrolean Mountains of Kufsteinerland. Avoidance of silage, concentrated feed or sugar beets. "The only way to be truly regional is to limit ourselves to local feed. It would be dishonest to feed our cows with food that isn't grown here." Around 40 organic farmers supply the organic dairy, which processes the milk within twelve hours. Butter. Quark. Yoghurt. Cheese. The products have won multiple gold awards. They can be bought in the traditional and cosy dairy shop.

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