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Passion plays Erl

A tradition that is more than 400 years old is brought back to life every six years in the picturesque village of Erl. The life and death of Jesus Christ on the stage. An impressive production, with 600 actors. Passion. Commitment. Engagement. Living traditions. A cultural highlight in the middle of the Tyrolean Mountains of Kufsteinerland. Passion plays Erl.More information

Passion plays Erl

Half the village is involved

The last curtain has fallen and the 2019 passion plays have come to an end. Successful, emotional, but also strenuous months are now over for the performers. One third of the Tyrolean village residents – both young and old – took part with lots of enthusiasm, stamina and motivation. Every six years, the Erl locals bring “their” passion to the stage; the next performances will be from May 2025.

Over 600

Passion plays have been an essential feature of the rich Tyrolean cultural landscape since the Middle Ages. The idyllic village of Erl is the oldest passion play location in the German-speaking area. There is an old historic record of Bavarian pilgrims watching an Easter play in Erl in 1613. The performance was in appreciation of God's protection against the plague and war. The start of the history of the Erl passion plays. These days over 600 of the total 1,450 Erl residents are on the stage every six years. Amateur actors. Almost half the village takes part, and is swept up in the Erl passion plays. The passion plays in Erl are included in the UNESCO World Heritage list.

Here and nowhere else

The passion plays in Erl are famous for their remarkable scenes of the way of the cross. The text is current, modern, and adapted to the present day. The passion music was especially composed for the passion plays in Erl, and is performed live by a choir and orchestra. The passion plays have been performed at a number of different venues in their 400 year history. The current venue, the passion play house in Erl, was specially built for the passion plays, and fascinates with its unique architecture and acoustics.

Passion meets a festival

Since 1979, the passion plays in Erl always start at 1:00 pm, from May to October. The last passion plays were performed in 2013, and the next ones will take place in 2019. In the years between these performances, music lovers can enjoy top-class orchestra concerts in the Erl passion play house. Since 1998 there have been opera performances and orchestra concerts as part of the Tyrolean festival Erl.

Performances Passion Play Erl 2025:

  • Dates for the 2025 passion plays are yet to be announced!

Facts about the performances:

  • Start at 13.00
  • Doors open: 12.30
  • Duration: approx. 3 hrs.

Ticket prices Passion Play Erl:

Category: Price:
Category 1 EUR 39.00
Category 2 EUR 33.00
Category 3 EUR 27.00

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