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Bringing home the Haflinger stallions Ebbs

That's what the wild young males are called. The blond beauties are part of Tyrol's living cultural heritage. Haflinger stallions. Every year they spend their summer in the mountains, and then in autumn come down off the alm and back to the world Haflinger centre at the Stud Farm Ebbs. A spectacular procession.More information

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Bringing home the Haflinger stallions Ebbs

The wild young ones from the alm

Blond beauties. Powerful elegance. Culinary delicacies. Music. Tradition meets beauty. The young stallions impress on their way from the alm to their winter quarters at the world Haflinger centre, the Stud Farm Ebbs. Delicacies from the region captivate the palate, and make the return of the wild young ones a celebration in the picturesque village at the foot of the Zahmer Kaiser.

Haflinger procession

The world-famous Haflinger horses originate in Tyrol. Much value is placed on breeding and even-tempered animals. That's why, since 1947, the young stallions are reared in near-natural herds, and spend their summer on an alm in Erl. Five months in the Tyrolean Mountains. Alm meadows. Forested slopes. The stallions are brought from the alm via Niederndorf and to the Stud Farm Ebbs. A procession through the villages. Decorated with flowers. Traditional. The animals are individually presented before walking into the arena as a herd. An impressive image. A festival for all the senses, with culinary delicacies and music.

A schedule of the Haflingers

From 11:00 am the new stud contenders from all 7 bloodlines are individually presented at the world Haflinger centre, the Stud Farm Ebbs, by their breeders, and then put in the stables of the stud farm. Then the festival for bringing home the horses is opened, with music and regional delicacies. Around 1:00 pm the young stallions arrive in a festive procession.

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