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Wildbichl Wildlife Park Niederndorferberg - get a glimpse of a hidden animal world

Tyrol's animal world up close

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The bellowing cry reverberates across the meadow. Loud. Vigorous. Engaging. Quiet. Only bird song can be heard. And between it the cracking of dry branches. Nothing is visible. But then it suddenly sounds out again. The vigorous sound from the forest. Your gaze moves toward the trees, and suddenly he appears. His head held high. A red deer. One of the inhabitants of the Wildbichl Wildlife Park.

80,000 square meters

"Animals and nature" - this is the motto of the Wildbichl Wildlife Park, which offers active relaxation in Niederndorferberg. Primarily native species in their natural surroundings, in an area of 80,000 square meters. An otherwise hidden, shy world. In spring, visitors are fascinated by the baby animals. Lambs. Spotted fawns. Cute miniature goats. Piglets. In summer the natural Tyrolean landscape captivates with its lush green, and in the middle of it all are the Tyrolean animals. A highlight in autumn, in addition to the colourful leaves, is the stag rut. The vigorous rutting calls can be heard throughout the park. And in winter you can see the animals in their furry coats and thick feathers, surrounded by the snow-covered winter landscape.

On the trail of the trees

An educational tree trail, with over 60 different trees and bushes, provides information about Tyrolean plants. Swings. Slides. Seesaws. A zip line. A children's highway. Water games. Bumper cars. A play digger. There is a large playground waiting at the end of the circuit. The Wildbichl Wildlife Park is perfect for school and preschool excursions. Learn more about the Tyrolean animal and plant world.

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