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Tours & Guided tours

Discover the region

Each region is defined by the people who live there. And vice versa. Discover the many facets of this fortress town. Starting with understanding its participants. Their thoughts, characteristics and secrets. Become a part of Kufstein.

Town tour – a journey back in time through the history of the fortress town

Experienced guides from the Guides association, the community group for tour guides in the Tyrolean Unterland and Kitzbühel, provide fascinating insight into the fortress town on their tours: the narrow alleyways of the old town. The history of the Römerhofgasse. The architecture of the town hall. A glimpse into the past of this fortress town. Culture, geographical features and social connections are brought to life and made accessible.

Themed tours – focusing on areas of interest

The fortress town has many facets. Vibrant personalities, a heavily contested land, urban and rural areas. Pick a theme and discover this town on the river Inn from a special perspective.

1) Kufstein’s historic ascent in the grip of the Habsburg eagle
The feudal knight and Renaissance Prince Maximilian I, an innovative and visionary ruler during the transition from the Middle Ages to the modern era, certainly left his mark on Kufstein. As the most influential and significant monarch in Europe, he extended Kufstein Fortress to include some impressive and masterful architectural features! The Habsburg legacy left its mark on Kufstein over the centuries, right up until the year 1918. We track it back in time!

2) Tracking own the Kufstein song
“Do you know the pearl, the pearl of Tyrol…” Who doesn’t know the refrain of this Kufstein song? Summer freshness in the mountains and Tyrolean comforts, accompanied by music – that was the holiday trend of the post-war era! The Kufstein song about the ‘town of Kufstein on the green river Inn’ by Karl Ganzer has made the fortress town world famous! Join us as we track down the origins of this widely sung folk song!

3) Oberer Stadtplatz square – a witness over the centuries
The transformation of Kufstein’s urban landscape – an exciting journey through time! The houses in the Oberer Stadtplatz square have witnessed a lively history. They tell tales of the town’s fascinating development from a small agricultural town to a flourishing and affluent bourgeois town. Some vibrant personalities have lived here. And there’s plenty more to tell about that!

4) The odyssey of Dean Dr. Matthäus Hörfarter
Learn about a very special success story: first, the poorly son of a farmer from Kössen was taken under the educational care of the church. He was full of determination and eventually gained a doctorate and became a university professor in Salzburg. The town of Kufstein began to flourish under the visionary and spiritual creative powers of the priest. Find out more for yourself…


  • Duration: Approx. 70 minutes
  • Meeting place: in Kufstein - by agreement
  • Costs: EUR 114.00 per travel companion | EUR 80.00 per travel companion (with overnight stay in Kufsteinerland)
  • Extra charge: EUR 35.00 for guided tours after 18.00 (in winter after 17.00)
  • No. of participants: 40 people per tour
The fortress town of Kufstein from above

Kufstein Fortress tour

Over the cobblestones, this route leads through the archway and up to Kufstein Fortress. It echoes and creaks. It is easy to imagine that there were once knights here. A short ascent. A breath-taking view. Kufstein at your feet. A guided tour will show you some of the special corners of the old walls, offering in-depth insight into the life of times gone by. And if you don’t manage to see the knights making their ascent, the historic tales shared here certainly bring the Middle Ages back to life.


  • Time: April – November 09:00 – 17:00, November – April 10:00 – 16:00
  • Duration: Approx. 75 minutes – plus ascent and descent
  • Meeting place: Fortress entrance area
  • Cost of admission to the fortress: summer EUR 12.50 per person | winter EUR 11.50 per person (groups of 10 or more); subject to alterations
  • Guided tour: EUR 3.80 per person (minimum rate EUR 76.00 per guide, for foreign language tours EUR 91.00 per guide)
  • No. of participants: 1 guide for max. 25 people
The mighty fortress high above the city of Kufstein

Night watchman tour

With a lantern, cloak and halberd, the night watchman will guide you through the historic alleyways of the fortress town of Kufstein. During the walk, you will hear tales from times gone by, as if he were there to experience it himself. NOTE: this is not a classic tour of the town!


  • Time: Flexible times, recommendation: during the evening, after nightfall
  • Duration: Approx. 1-1.5 hours
  • Meeting place: Marienbrunnen fountain, Unterer Stadtplatz 11-13, 6330 Kufstein
  • Costs: EUR 84.00 per guide (if staying overnight in Kufsteinerland), EUR 140.00 per guide (if not staying overnight in Kufsteinerland)
  • Languages: German, English
  • No. of participants: 30 people per tour
Night watchman tour with our night watchman Harald

Tyrolean glassworks Riedel Kufstein

At the heart of Kufsteinerland, in the fortress town on the green river inn, crystal-clear glass has developed a worldfamous reputation. Riedel glasses carry the sounds of Kufstein across the world. Their perfect elegance and quality bring together what defines Kufstein: Imagination. Patience. Ambition. The company Riedel Glass has revolutionised the enjoyment of wine. At its headquarters in Kufstein, you can experience the fascination of glass. You can watch the glass-blowers at work and all your senses will be stimulated by the symphony at work.


  • Time: Riedel Shop & Outlet: Monday - Friday from 09.30 – 18.00 and Saturday from 09.30 – 14.00, Glashütte & Symphony: Monday - Friday from 09.30 – 17.30 and Saturday 09.30 – 13.00
  • Duration: 1 hour
  • Meeting place: Riedel Shop
  • Costs: on request to the organiser
  • Languages: German, English, French
  • No. of participants: 50 people per tour
riedel_glas_kufstein_pyramide_copyright_riedel (2)
Show glassworks Riedel Glas in Kufstein

Herb walks to explore the local spices and medicinal and poisonous plants

Is this plant growing here poisonous? What does it taste of? What are its benefits? Identifying a plant without its flowers or leaves is an art! And you can practise that with our expert guides. They will introduce you to some more and less well-known plants used in cooking or as a tried-and-trusted cure for health problems. In addition to knowing about the plant, it is important to understand how to use it properly and what quantity to use. As even Paracelsus once remarked, it’s the dose which makes the poison. Collect and sample the local plants with our guide and learn some useful facts about the local flora.


  • Guide: Maria Bachmann, Gabi Markl, Geli Atzl
  • Languages: German
  • Meeting place: Kaiserlift valley station meeting point board
  • Time: 9:00
  • Duration: Approx. 3 hours (without lift trip)
  • Starting point: Brentenjoch
  • Route: Depending on vegetation and weather conditions
  • End point: Kaiserlift mountain station (optional middle station)
  • Difficulty: Easy to medium
  • Number of participants: on request to the organiser
  • Costs: One return trip per person to the Brentenjoch with the KufsteinerlandCard free of charge
kraeuterwanderung_kufsteinerland (3)
Herb walks in Kufsteinerland

When the power of nature’s elements inspires, something great always emerges! ’Hollywood on the Thiersee’ – themed walk

Gaby (walking guide) will transport you back in time to this former ‘Hollywood of the Alps’. Along the themed film trail around the idyllic Thiersee lake at the foot of the local PENDLING mountain, you can learn fascinating information such as how Thiersee became Europe’s film metropolis during the post-war era. Self-confidence, the courage to try new things and team spirit among the population transformed humble Thiersee into the film homeland of many famous films and actors such as Curd Jürgens and Paul Hörbiger. This tour provides a humorous journey back in time with film tricks and amusing anecdotes from this era.


  • Time: May – October
  • Duration: 1.5h without refreshment break
  • Meeting place: Thiersee car park
  • Costs: on request to the organiser
  • Languages: German, English
  • No. of participants: Small groups of up to 25 people
Explore the history of film on or around Lake Thiersee

Segway tour

An 18 km tour through and around Kufstein awaits, crossing fantastic cycle paths, quiet roads and field tracks. You can also enjoy nature and the leisurely pace of life in Kufsteinerland. You will start out from Kufstein and will be given detailed instruction in how to operate the Segway safely. A short training session will help you to familiarise yourself with the Segway. Then you will head off towards Ebbs where you will do a circuit around the town and return via the Inn dam back to Kufstein. You will have time to admire the surroundings in greater detail during the tour. In the town square, at the foot of the fortress, you can treat yourself to a cappuccino.


  • Time: by arrangement
  • Duration: Approx. 2 up to 2.5 hours
  • No. of participants: from 2 people
  • Meeting place: Announced when booking
  • Equipment: Walking equipment and, if necessary, protection against the sun or rain
  • Languages: German, English
  • Costs: on request to the organiser
Floating on Segways through Kufsteinerland

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