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Mitterthrey Erbhof - Niederndorferberg

The Best from the Farm - Organic Farming at Erbhof Mitterthrey

Erbhof Mitterthrey: A Tradition of Excellence

Erbhof Mitterthrey stands proudly above the valley on Wildbichl, near the border crossing from Tyrol into Bavaria. A stop at Erbhof Mitterthrey is worth it: here, production follows old traditions and modern organic guidelines. The farm was first mentioned in 1480 and has been run by Andrea and Anton Schwaiger since January 1, 2020. The title "Erbhof" is given to farms with over 200 years of history, passed down through generations within the same family.

Sustainability as a Way of Life

Wolfgang Schwaiger worked as a young man at the organic cheese dairy Hatzenstädt, and now, the farm produces its own cheese: every day, fresh milk from the cows is turned into cheese. They produce mountain cheese, semi-hard cheese, and fresh cheese. When the dairy cows get too old, their meat is turned into fine beef sausages. This philosophy fits perfectly with the Schwaiger family's values: their animals are used completely, from nose to tail. When a pig reaches slaughter weight, about 90 kilograms of meat remains after butchering. Popular cuts, like schnitzel or filet, only make up a small part of this weight. All parts that cannot be sold individually or smoked are processed into sausage. Their Kaminwurzen are a prime example of this practice: the meat is minced, seasoned, and smoked over beechwood. These Tyrolean Kaminwurzen are a specialty known far beyond the region.

Customer-Focused Approach

For the Schwaiger family, customer service is paramount, which is why they sell their organic pork vacuum-sealed and labeled. This method has many advantages over the previously common 10 or 15-kilogram meat packages. It saves customers the hassle of dividing up the meat themselves and guessing which part they have; the producer's expertise is included. The Schwaigers also provide cooking recommendations, with cooking times indicated on the packaging. In terms of hygiene, vacuum packaging is a great benefit: it seals the meat airtight, making it less perishable and better suited for the journey to the home refrigerator. Apart from this, the Schwaiger family tries to avoid using plastic as much as possible.

High-Quality Organic Products

The Schwaiger family offers a wide range of products: in addition to cheese, fresh cheese, and cottage cheese spreads, they produce bacon, sausage, and Kaminwurzen. The free-range chickens lay organic eggs, and fruits and herbs are processed in their kitchen. Throughout the summer, various jams are cooked, primarily using fruits from the surrounding area. Rarely do they need to purchase fruits, such as apricots from Wachau, but when they do, they communicate this directly to their customers: honesty is the best policy, the Schwaiger family believes. They produce natural products and are pioneers of the organic movement. They aim to inspire young people with the organic idea and appeal to common sense: today, organically produced food is readily available. A visit to the farmers' market is not necessarily more cumbersome than a trip to the supermarket and brings much more pleasure, even during shopping.

The Schwaiger family can be found every Friday at the farmers' market in Aschau (Bavaria), at the St. Johann weekly market, and every Saturday morning in Wörgl. They offer their organic products and gladly advise their customers personally. Anyone wishing to visit Erbhof Mitterthrey to stock up on organic products can call anytime, place an order, or arrange an appointment. Additionally, the Schwaigers collaborate with partners: their organic products are available at Astl self-service store Pinnersdorfer, Hatzenstädt cheese dairy, and Niederndorf bakery.

Direct Sales by Appointment (Products in the Genusskiste and at Bauernladen Hödnerhof)

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