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Girardelli Printing and Embroidery - Ebbs

Girardelli in Ebbs: Textile Printing and Embroidery in Best Quality Clubs, companies, private individuals, bachelor parties, schools – no matter the institution, they all have one thing in common: a unified appearance strengthens the sense of belonging. At Girardelli in Ebbs, you’ll find the right textiles, the option to print or embroider, and, above all, professional advice.

Founded in 1978 as a screen printing company, they started with a hand-printing method in a garage. Erika Girardelli joined the company in 1989 and took over management in 2007. Since 2016, her daughter Corinna Girardelli has been working alongside her in the family business. Together with other diligent hands, they form Team Girardelli.

Professional Advice as a Fundamental Decision-Making Aid Whether a logo is better printed or embroidered is ultimately a matter of taste. However, several factors must be considered in this decision. One aspect is the size of the graphic, and another is the type of textile desired. Thin shirts are better suited for printing, while thicker materials can also be embroidered without issues. Large logos or images are often better suited for printing than embroidery. In principle, it is an individual decision in each case. Some customers already know exactly what they want, and thanks to years of experience, these wishes can almost always be met. This is also the main reason why personal customer contact is highly valued in the family business. These consultations regarding method and textile are extremely valuable for a convincing end result. Besides, in the showroom, you can touch the materials and see sample examples of printing and embroidery. Size samples can be taken home to ensure a perfect fit for everyone. Additionally, the placement of the print or embroidery is thoroughly discussed and selected. Experience shows that customers value this personal contact and enjoy coming by.

The Various Techniques Depending on whether you choose textile printing or embroidery, the graphic file is transferred to the appropriate program. Printing is more straightforward, as the file can be easily uploaded. For the embroidery process, the graphic must be traced and programmed in a more complex procedure. This technique is called "punching," and Erika Girardelli is the specialist in this area. Once the graphic is saved on the embroidery machine, a needle assignment must be set up. The textiles are individually and manually framed, positioned, and then embroidered. Afterward, the fabric is manually cleaned, threads are checked, the fleece is removed, and then the textile is packaged. Despite the advanced technology in printing and embroidery machines, a lot of care and manual work is still required. Good eyesight is essential in textile printing and embroidery, so seamstresses and tailors are highly valued and well-utilized in the personnel area. Corinna herself attended a fashion school and learned tailoring, providing a solid foundation for this profession.

Environmental Awareness, Sustainability, and Regionality Sustainability is particularly important to Erika and Corinna Girardelli. For this reason, they primarily use plastic-free packaging, and boxes are reused whenever possible. The textile suppliers are also making good progress in this area. For example, backpacks, bags, T-shirts, and sweaters are made from recycled plastic bottles. Customer inquiries increasingly demand organic quality or fair-trade products. The origin of raw materials and production methods are becoming more important to people. The Girardelli family also notices a growing importance of regionality in customer inquiries and conversations. Privately, they pay close attention to regional consumption, not least to support their customers and their businesses. After all, they know each other, and the idea of regionality is based on mutual support.

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