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Organic Butcher Juffinger - Thiersee

From Butcher Shop to Meat Manufacturer - The Best Organic Products from JUFFINGER

The delicious products from JUFFINGER BIO-METZGEREI in Thiersee are well-known: quality-conscious consumers appreciate the unique taste of Tyrolean organic specialties and enjoy them with a clear conscience. Due to high demand, the small family butcher shop Juffinger has grown into an organic meat manufacturer over the past twenty years, supplying gastronomy and trade on a large scale. Despite this growth, they have remained true to their original convictions: at JUFFINGER, they continue to rely on honest craftsmanship and genuine organic quality. This is how the exquisite aroma of JUFFINGER products is created – for complete meat enjoyment!

From Tyrol to All Directions

A cow stands in the pasture, feeding on lush grasses and fragrant hay. Growing slowly due to the outdoor activity, its beef becomes particularly flavorful.

The best organic meat from Tyrol and Austria is the valuable raw material for the carefully produced products from JUFFINGER BIO-METZGEREI in Thiersee. Only if the quality of the meat is convincing can the quality of the finished products meet the high standards of the Juffinger family. The new organic meat factory in Marbling near Thiersee was opened in 2010 and has since offered the best production conditions for producing organic delicacies:

On an ever-expanding area of currently over 4,000 m², slaughtering and butchering, sausage making and smoking, as well as packaging and shipping, take place. The Tyrolean organic products are distributed throughout Austria and are also extremely popular in local trade and gastronomy. The regionally rooted company is also well-networked internationally: a large part of the production is exported to Germany and other European countries.

Honest Craftsmanship and Genuine Organic Quality

The butcher receives each animal individually. After slaughtering, he personally handles the knife to expertly butcher it – no fiber of the valuable meat is lost through the "butcher's cut."

At JUFFINGER BIO-METZGEREI, slaughtering still only takes place once a week: each animal is butchered by hand, allowing the master butcher to get the best out of the animal. Even though JUFFINGER BIO-METZGEREI in Thiersee has grown significantly in recent years and supplies large retail chains and gastronomy, they have remained true to their convictions. The organic principle permeates the family's actions: JUFFINGER BIO-METZGEREI not only meets but exceeds EU norms and the standards of other organic associations. Anton Juffinger thinks ahead: his work is characterized by respect for the animals. His philosophy reflects this appreciation.

Butcher and Manager in One Person

The son of mountain farmers, a trained farmer, master butcher, and certified meat sommelier, Anton Juffinger today runs a medium-sized company, yet he still puts on his white butcher's coat daily to personally engage in meat processing and refinement. He is actively supported by fifteen butchers employed at JUFFINGER BIO-METZGEREI. Additional staff handle sales and distribution, while his wife Helga manages administrative tasks from the office.

By midday, Anton Juffinger transforms from butcher to manager, steering his business with foresight. He realized his vision early on: in 1997, Anton and Helga Juffinger acquired the former Wegscheider butcher shop in Kufstein/Zell and began small-scale production. Even then, they were among the first businesses in Austria to exclusively produce organic foods. The small butcher shop has since become the largest purely organic butcher shop in western Austria.

Specialties from JUFFINGER

The best organic meat from the region is refined at JUFFINGER BIO-METZGEREI into a wide variety of products. All meat and sausage specialties from JUFFINGER are made with the utmost care and promise customers the best taste and highest enjoyment with a clear conscience. Three popular organic products are:

  • BIO-Prosciutto Tyrolensis: The Tyrolean organic counterpart to Parma ham, BIO-Prosciutto Tyrolensis is dried in the best mountain air at Thiersee’s Schneeberg. The climate in the air-drying facility is ideal for the meat to mature to its best flavor over twelve months. A culinary delight!

  • Original Tyrolean BIO-Speck: Enjoy Tyrolean classics in the best organic quality: loin bacon, belly bacon, and ham bacon are typical products from the region. In the organic butcher shop, they are produced naturally and – a true specialty – without the use of nitrite curing salt. Typically Tyrolean!

  • Products from Pure Tyrolean Organic Beef: "Red meat" in organic quality is becoming increasingly popular. Health-conscious customers appreciate the wide selection of products made from 100% Tyrolean organic beef. Whether it’s beef ham, beef landjäger, or beef frankfurters – products made from pure Tyrolean organic beef are particularly flavorful.

You can easily purchase JUFFINGER's high-quality organic products in grocery stores: there are long-term partnerships with many retail chains, such as Billa and Merkur (Ja! Natürlich), MPreis (Bio vom Berg), and Spar (JUFFINGER). A better way to bring pure culinary joy to your home is through JUFFINGER'S GAUMENWERK in Kufstein: besides a wide selection of organic meat and sausage products made in-house, the butcher shop has made a name for itself with a varied lunch menu and a rich catering offer. In line with the Juffinger family's organic philosophy, only bio-certified foods are used here as well.

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