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Hinterschachnerhof - Niederndorferberg

THE BEST FROM THE MOUNTAIN FARM - The Hinterschachnerhof on the Niederndorferberg

Hinterschachnerhof offers a breathtaking view of the Kaisergebirge. But why look far when the good is so close: around the mountain farm, cows graze and pigs grunt. Here, life and work are in harmony with nature. The entire Anker-Feistl family pitches in to produce the best mountain farm products. Twice a week, their goods are offered at the market; a vending machine is available 24/7.

Busy Hands - Best Mountain Farm Products from Niederndorferberg
Hinterschachnerhof is located high above the Inntal on Niederndorferberg in secluded idyll: those who sit on the house bench overlook the fields and meadows belonging to the farm, with the Kaisergebirge rising high into the sky in the background. But for the members of the Anker-Feistl family, there's little time to sit back and enjoy the view. They are busy producing high-quality food products worthy of the name.

From Nature to the Plate
At Hinterschachnerhof, Claudia, her husband Anton, and the rest of the family have their hands full: they don't focus on a single product but offer various mountain farm products, all produced on the farm and mostly sold directly. Twice a week, a trailer is loaded with locally made delicacies and driven down to the valley. The products are sold in Kufstein at Gärtnerei Strillinger during the vegetable season on Friday and Saturday mornings.

The cattle barn, meanwhile, stands empty as its residents roam the pastures, becoming photo subjects against the backdrop of the Kaisergebirge. The Tyrolean brown and gray cattle graze all day before returning to the barn in the evening for milking. The milk is either delivered to the Plangger cheese dairy or processed into cheese on-site. "Kasen" (cheese making) is handled by Claudia and her aunt Angela. They are also the ones in the bakery before market days, baking fresh farmhouse bread in the wood-fired oven.

From Pig to Sausage
The pigsty adjoins the farm building. The piglets are born on the farm, with breeding sows and a boar also living at Hinterschachnerhof. The mother sows can move freely with their young. Due to this exercise, they gain weight slowly. The young pigs are intended for meat production; only after six months do they have to be slaughtered. The slaughter takes place on-site in the farm's own butcher shop.

Claudia's father Sepp and her husband Toni work in the butcher shop, handling the slaughter and cutting of the pigs. The prime cuts are processed into bacon, which hangs in the farm's smokehouse until ready to eat. Nothing is wasted at Hinterschachnerhof: the remaining pork is carefully deboned and made into sausage. Sepp handles the work easily - with a skilled twist, he grabs the individual sausages, twists them off, and separates them from the others. The original Tyrolean Kaminwurzen are made at Hinterschachnerhof using an old family recipe.

Enjoyment Around the Clock
Now, let's be honest: do you know where the products you consume come from? If you buy food from Hinterschachnerhof, you can answer this question with "Yes." Every loaf of bread is hand-shaped. Every sausage is hand-filled. Every cheese wheel is cleaned by hand. Claudia and her husband Anton vouch for the quality of their products: when food is sold at the weekly market, it is a trade with handshake quality. Additionally, there is a small self-service fridge at Hinterschachnerhof where you can see for yourself the family's working methods.

Those who shy away from the trip to Praschberg can rely on the practical vending machine at the Reinpold gas station in Gränzing. The big advantage of the vending machine: it is restocked with fresh goods several times a week and is available 24 hours a day. So, if you get a craving for a mountain farm snack, you can stock up on products from Hinterschachnerhof at any time of day or night. It's obvious that the best quality goes hand in hand with the best taste.

The vending machine (Niederndorferberg gas station) is restocked with fresh goods several times a week and is available 24 hours a day. Direct farm sales are also possible by appointment.

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