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Sled Making Fluckinger - Langkampfen

From Professional Luger to Sled Maker
Georg Fluckinger has turned his passion into a profession, building sleds for almost forty years: first to win sports competitions, and after the end of his professional career, to bring joy to others. The Langkampfen native is now one of Tyrol's largest sled manufacturers, delighting customers from Switzerland to Vienna with his handcrafted sports equipment.

The Expertise of an Olympic Athlete
Georg Fluckinger's love for sledding has been enduring: the 65-year-old is a multiple state and Tyrolean champion, overall World Cup winner in the doubles, three-time Olympian, and won a bronze medal in the doubles at the 1980 Lake Placid Olympics. Even then, the trained carpenter adjusted his racing sled himself before competitions until it was perfectly tuned. This passion for sled building continued after his professional career, and he built a workshop in his home in Langkampfen. Here, sleds for beginners and experts, for adults and children, are handcrafted: from mini sleds to women's and men's sleds, from sports sleds with steering ropes to two-seaters.

When One Sled Is Not Enough
Fluckinger's sports equipment is highly regarded beyond the region. His customers come from the area around Kufstein, as well as from neighboring Bavaria, Vienna, and even from Vorarlberg and Switzerland. He proudly tells of customers who return after their first outing with his sled and immediately buy another one. "That's the greatest confirmation for us and our work." A large part of this success is also due to Georg Fluckinger's wife, Brigitte: she handles orders, purchasing and sales, answers all customer questions, and supports the design and completion of the sleds.

56 Steps to the Perfect Sled
56 steps: that's how many are needed to turn raw material into a ready-to-ride sled. Quite a lot! Fluckinger crafts his handmade sports equipment from ash wood: it is soft and elastic—perfect for making runners, benches, feet, beams, and brackets. He sources the wood directly from the surrounding region. Initially, he had difficulty finding suitable wood. Today, he has a reliable supplier network.

Handcrafted Unique Pieces, Professionally Assembled
The year is quite strictly scheduled for Georg Fluckinger: he begins making the wooden parts in the spring so that the sleds can be assembled more quickly later in the year. Using heavy machinery, he cuts the selected wood to the right length, selects particularly beautiful pieces without knots for the runners, and shorter pieces for the bench. Hardened steel is milled and shaped so that customers can later sled down the mountain at high speed.

From mid-year onwards, the individual parts are assembled, and the sleds come to life. If he were to calculate the working time per sled, Georg Fluckinger would arrive at 5.5 working hours per sports equipment. "But we prepare everything so that we can assemble quickly. Cutting and shaping the steel for the runners only in October, for example, wouldn't work," he offers a glimpse into the workflow in the workshop. The pre-Christmas period then begins the busiest time for Fluckinger and his three employees: all deliveries are assembled, packed, and shipped.

The Fine Difference
So what makes the Fluckinger sled special? "You can go through 90 degrees with it," explains the former professional athlete. "It runs so well that it’s fun to go sledding." Additionally, Fluckinger is the only sled maker who uses reflective straps to ensure even more safety for customers.

For those who have never sledded before, the expert happily provides personal tips when purchasing, explaining how to best navigate curves, how to brake and steer safely. He also advises customers on the proper care for the high-quality sports equipment. The most important thing, he says, is to dry the runners well after each day of sledding to prevent rust. Stainless steel cannot be used for the runners because it doesn’t run optimally. For this reason, the sled should always be stored in a dry place. For those who want to wax their sled, Fluckinger recommends first polishing on base wax.

A Quality Product That Brings Joy for Many Years
The price of the handmade sleds ranges between 100 and 300 euros, depending on the model. In return, you get a genuine quality piece. With proper care, a sled can bring joy for many years: Fluckinger and his team often service sleds that are over 20 years old. Those who wish to buy a Fluckinger sled can do so either through the webshop or by visiting Georg Fluckinger’s workshop in Langkampfen directly.

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