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Wilder Kaiser summer experience world

Kaiser Mountain adventures

The cracking sound is a little spooky. Is there something there? Maybe a little forest goblin? Maybe the owl knows? After all, strange things have been happening here for a while. Like this ship in the middle of the forest meadow. Through the thick trees and out into the clearing. Fabulous views. Maybe the lost magic wand is here somewhere. Cheeky forest goblins. Enchanted paths. Talking trees. Friendly witches, who teach you about witchcraft. Barefoot paths. Along the moor. Views of 70 three thousand meter peaks. Puzzles for Alpine detectives. A raft across a mountain lake. Experience water with all your senses. Legendary experiences. The mountains around the Wilder Kaiser offer countless adventures in summer. Austria's largest summer mountain experience. The Wilder Kaiser–Brixental mountain lifts.

From witches to goblins - six adventurous mountain worlds

Six summer experience worlds. Twelve mountain lifts. Most are accessible with prams and wheelchairs. The Wilder Kaiser - Brixental mountain lifts connect the adventurous Kaiser Mountains. The "KaiserJet", a free lift and bathing bus, transports adventure seekers from Going, Ellmau, Scheffau and Söll directly to the individual experience lifts. The SkiWelt Experience Hiking Pass makes all six adventure worlds accessible to adventurers. A single ticket for Austria's largest mountain experience.

Legendary views - the Hohe Salve Hopfgarten

Großglockner. Großvenediger. The Hohen Tauern with 70 three thousand meter peaks. The Rofan Mountains. The Wilder Kaiser. The gondola takes you up in comfort, to breath-taking views of the mountains. The peak restaurant impresses with a turning panorama platform. The panorama path offers hiking with wonderful views. Particularly fascinating is Austria's highest pilgrimage church, surrounded by a panorama of the mountains. On the "World of time" path there are twelve sun dial stations, which make time tangible and understandable. The wind harp catches the music of the wind and amazes viewers.

The realm of the Alpine detective - Alpinolino Westendorf

A journey of discovery about the animals and plants of the Tyrolean Mountains. You need brains and strength to solve the riddles. Exciting tasks. The Alpinolino Westendorf takes you on the trail of large and small features. Compete against the animal world in long jump. Look for Marmota the marmot while surrounded by the spectacular panoramic views of the Tyrolean natural landscape.

Mysterious lakes, adventurous moor - Filzalmsee mountain experience

Mysterious worlds, full of things to discover, await at the Filzalmsee mountain experience at Brixen im Thale. Treasure seekers can try their luck in the giant sandpit. There are sometimes treasures to be discovered here. The mountain lake and high moor are full of secrets. Dive into the underwater world with all its mysteries. Set sail on a raft across the lake. Kneipp stations. A moor barefoot pool. The giant themed hiking paths offer giant discoveries. Lots of fun. Giant path. Giant forest. Giant lake hike. From balancing course to giant xylophone.

Everything about water - Hexenwasser Söll & Hohe Salve

Sand. Gravel. Water. Moor. Austria's longest barefoot path is only one of more than sixty water-based stations at Hexenwasser Söll. Splish. Splash. Ride on the witches' raft through canals. On the trail of the secrets and mysteries of the wet element in the indoor area "Blue wonder". Hexenwasser Söll is an adventure park with countless possibilities. From twist bread baking at the witch's fireplace to a look into the world of bees. Friendly witches wander around, show children their magic tricks and make the water sing.

Kaiser-like adventures behind castle walls - KaiserWelt Scheffau

A wooden castle wall. The Kaiser's flags can be seen from far away. Step through the castle gate into a royal world of experience on the mountain. Discover adventure and secrets in the forest of the KaiserWelt Scheffau. Climbing walls. Treehouses. The legendary KaiserWald. The knights and knaves labyrinth. Grill at your own grill site. Coals and wood are available for grill masters of all ages. Creativity is required in the craft room. Round walks lead over alms and meadows, and through forests, with views of the majestic Tyrolean Mountains. The panorama path on Hartkaiser Ellmau. The Kaiser circuit. The Murmel circuit. The Eiberg circuit. The Aualm circuit. The path to the beautiful Jochstub'nsee. A refuge for rest and relaxation. Enjoy a wonderful view of the Wilder Kaiser Mountain Range and the Hohen Tauern from the large sun terrace of the Brandstadl mountain inn.

The world of goblins and magic wands - Ellmi’s magic world

Ellmi the frog just can't stop. The enchanted sorcerer's apprentice makes magic non-stop, though unfortunately with more enthusiasm than skill. A ship on the meadow. An enchanted alm on the goblin meadow. But he would really like to be a little boy again. He needs help from little adventurers. They go through forest and meadow via the mini climbing park, the summer tubing course and many more stations. The riddles and tricky tasks let them follow the trail of the goblin king. The various stations let them prove their skills and dive into the world of goblins and magic wands. Adventures surrounded by breath-taking views of the Wilder Kaiser.

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