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Kaiserlift Kufstein

Float up to the mountaineer's paradise

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Pure nostalgia. A quiet clattering. Look back. It's time. The seat is getting closer. Sit down. Your feet leave the ground. One meter. Two. Three. You move upward, toward the Kaiser. The trees glide past under your feet. The forest is all around. As far as the eye can see. 30 minutes of floating. Up to the Kaiser Mountains with the single-seat chairlift. Kaiserlift Kufstein.

Floating relaxation

The Kaiserlift was completely renovated in 2015. New life was breathed into one of the oldest lifts in Tyrol. Since then the single-seat nostalgic chairlift has been taking people from the valley to the Brentenjoch top station at 1,200 m. Every support tower passed takes you further from everyday life. At the top is an untouched natural paradise, the Kaiser Mountains nature reserve. Countless hiking paths. Awareness places. Viewpoints. Traditional huts.

Recharge your energy

Consciously enjoy the natural Tyrolean landscape. Feel the magic of the Kaiser. The Kaiser Mountains are famous for their energy. Five selected locations, where this power can be felt especially strongly, have been set up as places to make it tangible. Not far from the Brentenjoch top station are the "Eagle's view" and "Freedom-space-time" points. A sheltered spiral at the "Ridge walk" power place. Watch the sky and clouds from a spiral-shaped larch wood bench at the "Sky view" power place. The Riegen fountain at the "Spring of life" power place is between the middle and the top stations. Pause. Feel. Experience.

One ticket - lots of experiences

Due to the partnership of the Bergbahnen Wilder Kaiser (Ellmau - Going) with the Kaiserlift Kufstein new perspectives are opened up for all hiking and nature lovers thanks to combination tariffs.
The Kaiserlift can be used with the Bergbahn Erlebnis-Card Wilder Kaiser-Brixental (day or season ticket)! With only one ticket you have access to 15 mountain railroads, seven unique mountain adventure worlds ('BergErlebnisWelten'), the Naturerlebnis Kaisergebirge, over 700 km of well-maintained hiking trails, the KaiserJet and 30 bonus partners.

The Bergbahn Erlebnis-Card Wilder Kaiser - Brixental is available at the SkiWelt as well as at the Kaiserlift and the Stadtwerke Kufstein.

The season ticket costs:
Adult €200.00
youth (born 2004-2006) €150.00
child (born 2007-2017) € 100.00ebenso alle Besitzer der Tirol-Snowcard (allerdings eingeschränkt vom 1. bis 15. Mai sowie vom 1. bis 31. Oktober).

Operating times:

Operating times: Opening times:
30.04. - 31.10.2022 daily from 8:30 am - 4:30 pm


Type: Trips: Adults: Group: Children:
Section I and II: Brentenjoch top station Ascent and descent €19.00 €17.00 €9.00
Section I and II: Brentenjoch top station Ascent or descent €13.50 €12.00 €6.50
Section I or II: Duxer Alm middle station Ascent and descent €13.50 €12.00 €6.50
Section I or II: Duxer Alm middle station Ascent or descent €9.00 €8.50 €4.50


Type: Price:
Group rate: from 8 paying passengers €11.00 or €15.50 (2 or 4 rides)
Disabled (70%), civil servants and military half price (with evidence)
Guests with a KufsteinerlandCard group rate

Guiding & events in Kaiser Mountains nature reserve:

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A look behind the scenes at the Kaiserlift


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A look behind the scenes at the Kaiserlift

Insider facts about the single-seat chairlift

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