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Längsee Kufstein - a mysterious natural treasure

Dark beauty

The thick forest offers a view. Idyllic tranquillity. The shore falls down steeply. The branches of the bushes reach all the way down into the water. Mysterious. Quiet. Black. Darker than the other lakes in Kufsteinerland, Längsee fascinates with its almost black water.

Pure nature

Idyllically located in the forest, Längsee is the most difficult to reach of the four Thierberg lakes in Kufsteinerland. However, its location in the middle of untouched Tyrolean natural landscape makes it even more fascinating. An enchanted natural treasure away from the fortress city and the eight picturesque villages of Kufsteinerland.

Enjoy the peace. Feel nature. The steep shoreline and the lack of sunbathing options mean that the lake is not overly popular with bathers, which preserves its nature and enchanting tranquillity. There is only one small area that invites bathing. Anyone who uses it is pleasantly surprised. Comfortable water temperatures. Pure nature. Incomparable bathing pleasure surrounded by Tyrolean Forests. The lake, which is up to 20 meters deep and is a conservation area, is part of the popular 4-lake walk. This idyllic hike leads to Egelsee, then past Längssee and Pfrillsee. It starts from the right-hand shore of Hechtsee.

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