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Flea market in Ebbs

Thousands of treasures and items are waiting to be discovered. Flea market bustle in Ebbs. Haggling and bargaining. Offering and appraising. Searching and finding. The flea market in Ebbs is famous well beyond Kufsteinerland for its size and range of items. Enjoy a special flair between the market stands, rarities and curiosities.More information

Ebbs flea market - bargain hunting in Kufsteinerland

Browse and discover

From handcart to sewing machine. From balls of wool to silver coins. From everyday items to "junk". Rediscover old treasures. Every flea market is like diving into another world, a journey of discovery to find treasure. The Ebbs flea market invites you on a special tour of rarities and curiosities.

Bargain hunting with atmosphere

On numerous Sundays, sometimes even weekly, the Ebbs flea market attracts collectors and flea market fans from near and far between 9:00 am and 2:00 pm. A major event for bargain hunters in Kufsteinerland, with its eight picturesque villages and the nature-bound fortress city. Hundreds of people go on a treasure hunt, haggling and bargaining for items. Antiques. Rarities. Books and vinyl records. Dishes. Jewellery. Textiles. Toys. Furniture.

In nice weather the Ebbs flea market offers open air flair. Then the market is held in the open-air Hödnerhof Arena. In bad weather there is an indoor space available. Sufficient parking available.

Dates for the Hödnerhof Ebbs flea market 2020:

  • 04.10.2020
  • 11.10.2020
  • 18.10.2020
  • 25.10.2020

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