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Hotel & source of strength Felsenkeller Kufstein


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A typical Tirolean style romantically located at the foot of a forested hillside, the rushing of the stream flowing by as idyllic accompaniment, yet only seven minutes walk from the centre of the fortress town. Freshly caught trout from the stream right at the front door. A farmhouse room. Eating by the fireplace. Traditional delicacies. Tirolean gemütlichkeit is the main feature of Hotel Felsenkeller, its uniqueness hidden deep inside the bedrock. A spa in the rock cellar. Unwinding. Peace and quiet. Recharging your batteries. Sensing your body.

Felsenkeller as a source of energy

Already in the 1950’s, the former landlord sat in the Rock Cellar with guests who were suffering from asthma, whooping cough and hay fever, which can be accessed directly from the hotel. Relaxing in a deck chair and wrapped in blankets, the atmosphere can be enjoyed to the background of purling water. Soothing air baths. Wellness for the lungs and airways. The cleanest air to breathe freely. The high humidity supports the extremely low content of dust and allergens in the rock cellar. In addition, the air atmosphere leads to swellings subsiding, the bronchia recovering and boosting the immune system.

Speläo, light and sound therapies

The negatively charged ions in the air of the rock cellar boost well-being and relieve stress. Increased powers of concentration. Even temper. Spherical sounds of instruments rich in overtones. Singing bowls. Gong. Relieving tension and blockages. A world of its own in the rock to unwind and recharge.

Our offer:

Source of strength Felsenkeller - a rock in chaotic times

  • Duration: approx. 45 minutes
  • including singing bowls, lounger and blanket

from €10.00

Life = resonance. Deep relaxation "aboriginal" in the cave enables to escape the heavy performance pressure. Recharge your batteries with positive energy.

  • Dates by arrangement
  • more than 3 nights free of charge
  • Block of 6 €50.00

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