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Power Place Tyrol: Bad Häring Falls

The place where life energy flows

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Experience paradise in the middle of the forest. Water cascading over the rock generating a rush of noise that echoes between the trees. The waterfall in Bad Häring is the perfect place to recharge your batteries when visiting the Kufsteinerland region. Energy expert Helmut Payr explains the effects of the refreshing water and why the site is full of energy.

How do you get to Bad Häring waterfall?

Follow signposted path that runs along a stream. A visit to the Bad Häring Falls is a refreshining experience for the whole family, especially on a hot summer's day.

The short hike to the waterfall is wildly romantic: The cool air of the forest, the chirping of birds and the rippling of the small stream have a soothing effect. Tall trees rise high on both the left and right side of the path, while lovely flowers grace the edge of the trail. The roaring sound of the waterfall becomes louder and louder the closer you get to this power place. After about half an hour you will have arrived at your destination.

How would you describe this power place?

The waterfall looks like a holy place in the middle of the forest. The trees tower high, as if to protect this special place with their branches. The sun filters the dense forest, highlighting various shades of green of the colorful leaves. In the midst of this natural idyll, the waterfall has a mesmerising effect and awakens all the senses: the feeling of cool drops on the skin and sounds of the forest drowned out by the mighty roar of cascading water. Up close, you will experience the incredible power of water as it rushes downhill from Pölven over the rocks. There is also a small cave next to the waterfall that exudes a mystical aura.

What emotions does the waterfall evoke?

Everyone experiences the natural spectacle in their own way. The most intense experience of this power place occurs when you sit down on the bench in front of the waterfall or stand on the bridge directly in front of it. The cascading water symbolises the flow of life energy. And it is precisely this energy that can be absorbed in this special place. The unbridled power of water as it rushes down into the basin is utterly fascinating. Even though it is only a small stream at the top. A visit to a waterfall is known to have a positive effect on the body, a fact confirmed in scientific studies. The fine mist sprayed into the air in the vicinity of the waterfall is good for your health and alleviates certain respiratory diseases.

The waterfall is so captivating you could watch the water cascading down for hours. And it really doesn‘t matter if you believe in positive vibrations or a rise in earth radiation, the breathtaking scenery alone is guaranteed to amaze you.

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