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Power place Thiersee in Kufsteinerland

Pristine nature by Thiersee Lake

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The light wind moves the deep blue water and generates gentle waves. The mighty Pendling keeps watch above the lake and the dense green forests provide the perfect play of colours. Thiersee Lake is considered one of the oldest and most popular power places in Kufsteinerland. How people come to rest by the idyllic waters and recharge their batteries, Helmut Payr reveals who has concerned himself with human-energy for many years.

Power place in Kufsteinerland

The oasis of calm by Lake Thiersee can be easily reached by car or public transport. In front of the tourist office you'll find a large, free parking lot and bus stop, both just a few metres away from the waters. The sunny high plateau with its sensational views makes for a surprising journey there. The dense mixed forests and the peaks of the Pendling are reflected in the greenish blue waters, the gentle slopes the backdrop for the charming power place by the lake. A special place, attracting attention already from afar.

The search for the own power place

Once you get to the lake you'll enjoy the idyll. "It's the mix of meadows, forests, waters and mountains that lends the place its power and peacefulness", explains Helmut Payr. All around the deep blue lake you'll come across wooden recliners, jetties and benches to sit down on. "There is an endless number of beautiful places here. As the entire lake is described as a power place, everyone can find their own personal centre here".

Sitting down & listening

As soon as you make yourself comfortable on one of the park benches, your awareness is reduced to the essential. The crystal-clear water of the mountain is moved only gently by the wind. Every now and then, a quiet splashing can be heard. "That's the fish such as sheatfish, pike or carp that live here in the lake", Helmut Payr clarifies, further revealing: "The colour of the lake changes with the weather. Sometimes it's deep blue, at other times almost bright green. It's a surprise each and every time".

The different facets of Thiersee Lake

Fascinating it is, Thiersee Lake. And you can take in this special place in many ways. While runners circle the lake, those taking a walk sit down on the benches and the fishermen cast out their rods, one thing becomes clear: Everyone perceives the power place in Kufsteinerland differently, getting an energy boost of the special kind in their very own way.

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