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Energy centre in Tyrol: stone circle on the Riedenberg

Magical numbers and powerful stones

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At first glance, the energy centre on the Riedenberg is an inconspicuous place surrounded by trees. Neither the views nor the plants leave a lasting impression. But there is something magical which attracts people here. The power of the stones is particularly palpable in this energy-charged location. Helmut Payr is a passionate life energy expert and provides information about this energy centre on the mountain.

How can you get to the stone circle on the Riedenberg?

From Thiersee, follow the main road along to Landl. Once there, turn left at the crossing towards Riedenberg. After a few minutes, a small shrine will appear on the right where you can park your car by the side of the road. Alternatively, there is sufficient parking at the Berggasthof Wastler. A short track leads away from the road uphill into the nearby forest. If you follow the signs, you will come the clearing after a turn-off to the right and a stile.

What sight will greet visitors coming to this energy centre for the first time?

At first sight, the centre is completely inconspicuous. It is a clearing surrounded by trees and bushes. There is a small green display panel at the entrance which indicates what lies behind this energy-charged location. A big grey stone marks the centre of the location and several stones are also present on closer inspection.

What is the significance of the stone circle?

This stone circle is Celtic in origin and was measured by druid Evelin Granda. She positioned the seven stones at a distance of 7 m apart from one another. This created a hexagonal shape with a stone in the centre. The arrangement of limestone rocks is said to increase the fertility of the soil and boost the body, mind and soul of the visitors. The number seven was chosen because it has been regarded as a sacred number since the Stone Age. And this number appears repeatedly: 7 Wonders of the World, lovers go to 7th heaven….

What feeling will people get when they enter a stone circle?

That’s difficult to say because everyone experiences things differently. For me personally, this place is very calming for a short time. I sit down, walk from stone to stone and absorb the emotions. You feel detached from the outside world, can only hear birdsong and can concentrate on yourself. I have even known visitors to get a racing heart and feel their spirit stirred by the energy of the location. You should therefore walk around the site in a circle, sit on the stones for a short time and then leave after a few minutes. The energy-charged stone circle will invoke different feelings in different people and therefore it is down to each individual to decide what to do there and how long to stay.

Some energy centres have less energy and others are bursting with energy. What is the situation with the stone circle and how do you measure the energy of a site?

I take my rod to the energy centres across Kufsteinerland and measure the energy in Bovis units, the unit of measurement for non-material energy forms. I hold the rod with both hands and ask a yes-no question such as: “Is the energy of this site over 1,000 units? If the rod hangs vertical, the response is positive. If horizontal, the answer to my question is negative. I increase the number until the rod is vertical. And that takes a long time in this stone circle. It is one of the strongest energy centres I have measured in Kufsteinerland. But now it is time to go. I have absorbed enough energy and hope that the energy centre will also unlock positive reserves in lots of other people too.

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