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Energy centre in Tyrol: the Health Trail in Bad Häring

Senses at the ready, get set, go!

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Smell, touch, listen, see and taste: all five senses are stimulated on the Health Trail in Bad Häring. There are a total of six stations to explore. And one thing is guaranteed: you will experience the soothing power of nature first hand on your own body. Marianne Thaler, who was behind the development of this healing circular route, offers insight into this ‘health experience’.

How would you describe the Health Trail?

It is a wonderful walk across meadows and forests which starts out at the Hotel Thaler in Bad Häring and ends at the spa park. You can park your car in the hotel car park and if you follow the signposted trail, you will reach the first of the six stations in just a few minutes. The 3.5 km trail impresses with some surprising features of nature. The earth, water and stone are natural sources of energy.

What does the Health Trail have to do with Hildegard von Bingen?

The route starts and ends with Hildegard. This holy woman dedicated herself to the issue of medicine at the abbey. This fits in perfectly with Bad Häring as a spa resort and the Health Trail. The first station focuses on natural medicine according to St. Hildegard. The herb box contains edible treats from nature. Here you learn, for example, that peony is alleged to help with bronchitis and feverfew can soothe stomach ache. Other beneficial minerals, crystals and healing stones are also presented: amethyst is said to make skin swellings disappear and rock crystal is said to give strength in cases of heart problems or thyroid complaints. The Health Trail ends right outside the Hildegard Chapel, the most recent church in Bad Häring. A large female figure holding a book, feather and abbess’s staff decorates the impressive altar area. The chapel was built in 2001 and features a free-standing bell tower alongside the spa hotel.

Which other stations await on the circular walk?

Put all five senses to the test, relax on a wooden recliner, sense your body’s own Yin & Yang powers and observe a sulphur spring from close by: this is all possible on the Health Trail in Bad Häring. The saying ‘In harmony with nature’ is given a whole new significance on the wooden xylophone. Sounds of ash and oak trees etc. create a soothing atmosphere in the peaceful forest. The wooden recliners are also relaxing too. Sitting back on one of the natural ‘relaxation beds’, you can enjoy views of the surrounding trees towering high in the skies. My tip: bring a cosy blanket for a soothing warm feeling in the cool forest. Only when your spirit is in tune with your breathing and movement can you find your inner balance – or inner ‘Tai Chi’. So: sit up, breathe in, breathe out and take some tips from the sign at the experience station. And finally something for the legs: explore different surfaces on the bare foot trail.

Why is it worth a visit?

For one thing, this is a leisurely walk through the idyllic landscape, meadows and forests of
Bad Häring. The numerous stations with their information panels encourage visitors to linger, reflect and savour the moment. Each station has lots of interesting information about the healing powers of nature. A combination of activity, useful information and the conscious perception of nature and its inner self are what makes this trail so rewarding.

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