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Power Place in Tyrol: The Haslach Moor in Bad Häring

Magical moor moments

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What makes this power place in Bad Häring so magical? Is it the contrasting vegetation? From the coarse plants that sprout in its mud areas to the delicate plants on areas of peat moss? Or is it the tranquillity? Marianne Thaler explains why a visit to the Haslach Moor is worthwhile.

Short hike to the Haslach Moor

Despite its location in a secluded landscape, the Haslach Moor in Bad Häring is easy to reach. "The best way for visitors is to park their car in the town centre. Then follow the path a few hundred metres towards Wörgl. Then continue on the health trail along the forest for about two kilometres until you reach the Haslach Moor. Alternatively, you can start your hike from the spa centre," says Marianne Thaler, who has been working as a conservationist on the Haslach Moor for years.

From depressed area to moor paradise

Originally a doline or kettle-shaped depressed area, the site has transformed over time into a power place. "The water from the small stream could not flow off because of a rise in the surface. As the large quantities of water that accumulated could neither evaporate nor drain away a small pond developed. And over the course of millennia a peat bog was formed, which is now known as an energetic place and a unique nature reserve."

Array of colours on the moor

Red, yellow, white and green: The "inhabitants" of the Haslach Moor shine in a beautiful array of colours. "There is hardly a place that has such diverse plant life in such a small area," enthuses Marianne Thaler, whose work includes maintaining the bog. "I have to regularly mow, pluck and rake the grasses to ensure the plants have enough room to grow." This is also the reason why rare plants such as white cotton grass, the red blossoms of wild orchids and yellow iris thrive here. "The flower of the cotton grass is so fluffy you almost want to touch it," says Marianne. Those with an eye for detail will immediately notice: "The moor has two sides. In the mud areas on the left side the stronger, sturdier plants grow, while on the right in the peat bog you find the sensitive, slender grasses.

Mud baths and cures

It is hardly surprising that there is a mud spa in Bad Häring: "Health is a way of life in the spa resort. And the moor is an important part of it. Mud therapy is a special cure that alleviates a number of diseases. Furthermore, the 20-minute mud bath increases body temperature by about two degrees. This has a positive effect on the immune system and stimulates metabolism. “You can experience the power of nature at the Haslach Moor as it transmits its energy to visitors. Likewise, the silence, which gives the place a magical ambience. "It is a place to relax and unwind," says Marianne.

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