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Glemmbach Gorge Thiersee - the path of water

It froths and splashes, babbles and gurgles, murmurs and rushes through Glemmbach Gorge near Hinterthiersee. It’s rare to see water up this close. The path through the gorge crosses the creek a total of nine times, but only once over a bridge. Dipping your toes in the water lets you experience nature up close. Stepping into the cold water is worth it.

Dive into the world of water

Here you can do more than just look at nature, you can dive right in. “Sometimes you’re high above the creek, sometimes in the middle of it. Often my guests first need to get used to the fact that they’re sometimes up to their knees in water,” says mountain guide Harry Löffel smiling. He knows Kufsteinerland and its mountains like the back of his hand. The constant switching between land and water is a challenge; a second pair of shoes is recommended.

Brave hikers can also cross the creek barefoot. In any case it’s important to be cautious. “Sometimes I take people by the hand and guide them through,” explains Harry Löffel. Until recently the path was signposted as a black, difficult hiking route, but it has now been developed and fixed so that it is now a red, medium route. Despite this, the path should only be followed in fine weather. At times it leads along metal stairs that have been carved into the bare rock. You balance along the rock face holding onto the metal rope.

A magical spectacle of nature

The difficulty of the path is not the only reason that mountain guide Harry Löffel moves slowly through Glemmbach Gorge with his guests. The discovery of slowness has a positive effect on experiences in the mountain landscape. “It allows us to focus less on the path as such, and more on the moment. You really need to be present to make sure that you don’t take a wrong step,” adds Harry Löffel. Anyone who hikes through Glemmbach Gorge will see beauty in many details.

Being so close to water has a positive effect on the human body. “Water is life. When you expose yourself to water, you breathe in its molecules. You can smell the water in the air,” says Harry Löffel as he tells us about the intensive nature experience in Glemmbach Gorge. In the heat of summer, water delicately beading on the skin of hikers is both refreshment for the body and also balm for the soul.

Virtually experience the power place

Discover small waterfalls on steep walls to the left and right. The path leads directly through the water as you hop from rock to rock. There’s plenty of balancing and jumping on this hike. An adventure that invites you to discover nature.

Go to virtual reality

Water is the source of all life

Harry Löffel calls the magical spot near Hinterthiersee a natural power place as it lets you appreciate the grandeur of nature. “You see the flowing water as it slowly but steadily carves its way into the earth. Nature is constantly changing.” When water flows it chooses the path of least resistance and yet it still permeates everything and, over time, shapes the world. Water creates slow but constant change and, like life, is always moving forward.

People should take a page from nature’s book. “We need to remember that these qualities also exist in human nature. It’s something to reflect on. Then we’ll be able to accept things that we can’t change,” recommends Harry Löffel. With this in mind, a hike through Glemmbach Gorge becomes much more than simply a physical challenge. It becomes an active meditation. A fitting mantra might be “Change is the only constant.” That’s what the water seems to be telling us as it gurgles and bubbles.


Whether you’ve been to the breathtaking, turbulent Glemmbach Gorge before or not, this time will be different! That’s because we’re looking at the gorge in a different way, to open all our senses to the nature experience. Join us as we do it in conscious steps:More

  • After the bridge take the initially wide hiking path toward the gorge – the “unknown.”
  • Go up the first flat hill on the right and look at the path behind and ahead of you. “Where have I come from; where am I going?” You can intensify this change of perspective by turning your upper body back and forth as well as swinging your arms around your body.
  • At the next hill you get your first glimpse of the rocky gorge walls. Harmonise your feelings, such as curiosity and excitement, by tracing a horizontal figure eight in front of your body with crossed arms.
  • As you continue you will find your pace for speed and rhythm. Maybe you can underline this by tapping on your thymus gland in the centre of your chest?
  • Later you can take a rest on a rock or in the meadow, press the palms of your hands together, feeling and storing this strength.
  • Let the sound of water draw you back to the gorge, then follow the narrowing path downwards and symbolically cross the water at least once.

Now either hike through Glemmbach Gorge in all its majesty or turn back rejuvenated to head to your next Thiersee power place!

Thinking pulse

  • What do I need to feel safe?
  • Do I have a good “grip” in life?
  • How do I handle ups and downs?

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Was ist Natur Resonanz?

Natur Resonanz ist die Verbindung von der Natur zum Menschen und umgekehrt. Über das systematische Wahrnehmen der Vielfalt und Symbolik der Natur im Kufsteinerland Kraft Triangel und seiner reichen Landschaftsmythologie erleben wir uns selbst und vieles andere aus neuen Perspektiven. Natur Resonanz funktioniert an ausgewählten Landschaftspunkten über thematische Impulsfragen im Stehen oder Bewegen, im Wahrnehmen, Vergleichen, Erkennen. Es ist ein bewusst kombiniertes Zusammenspiel aus Naturplätzen mit Wegen, Wasserstellen und Weitsichten sowie Bewegungen und Atmungsformen für den ganzen Körper aus verschiedenen Kulturen und Disziplinen. So wird die Kufsteinerland Natur zu einer Tür exakt zu dem, was gerade aktuell und wichtig ist: sie führt Sie zu sich selbst. Das Kufsteinerland ist aus seiner erdgeschichtlichen geographischen Beschaffenheit heraus ein wahres Kraftjuwel: Die Täler und Gebirgszüge vom Eingang im Norden bei Erl bis zum Wilden Kaiser, die weiten Wälder und Wiesen im idyllischen, höher gelegenen Hinterthierseer Tal und die luftigen, lichten Höhenlagen am Sonnenplateau rund um den Kurort Bad Häring – genau diese vielfältigen Landschaftsformen von Schluchten und Höhlen bis hinauf zu grandiosen Höhen und Aussichtspunkten bilden das eindrucksvolle Kufsteinerland Kraft Triangel. Es lädt Sie ein zu tieferen Momenten der Bewegung. Neu und anders als üblich in Resonanz mit der Natur.

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