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Inspiring Forest Chapel in the Kufsteinerland region

God's blessing in the forest

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What could be more inspiring than pure mountain air graced with the chirping of birds and natural fragrances of rural Tyrol? The Forest Chapel is harmoniously situated in the midst of larches, firs and spruces at the foot of the Wilder Kaiser mountains. The site of the chapel is not just any site, but a power place that saved lives in times of war. Mountain guide Harald Löffel knows all about the history of the chapel and explains what makes this site in the forest so unique.

Where can I find the Forest Chapel?

The small sanctuary is located at the foot of the Wilder Kaiser mountains, almost directly opposite the Tischofer Cave, at ca. 700 m above sea level. If you are planning a hike to the chapel, you should park your car at the Theaterhütte guest house. Local buses also stop here if you are arriving by public transport. Then follow the signposted path towards Brentenjoch. After about three-quarters of an hour, you will reach a clearing with the forest chapel. The path is ideal for a short family hike.

How come a chapel was built in the middle of a forest?

The story behind the chapel is a delightful one, which took place in 1809. "During the Napoleonic Wars, the forest served as a refuge for the local inhabitants. They hid among the trees from the soldiers who wanted to conquer the region. Among them were two small children, who also sought protection under the canopy of trees. When the enemy marched and were close to discovering the hiding place, the bushes were rustled and numerous agitated birds took flight in a flash. The soldiers became so frightened that they ran from the path and eventually headed in different direction. Fortunately for the two children. They were able to elude captivity thanks to the help of the animals. As a gesture of gratitude, a chapel was built right on this spot," says Harald.

What makes this power place so special?

Perhaps it is the phenomenon of forest intertwined with God's blessing. The chapel is surrounded by trees which provide an escape from the hustle and bustle and day-to-day stress. The cool air, the fragrance of the forest and the colourful leaves awaken all the senses and evokes a unique feeling. It can feel as if the Virgin Mary and Jesus are radiating their power from the chapel. The Forest Chapel is a place of peace and quiet, where you can relax, enjoy the nature and thank God in prayer. The bright light of the holy candle shines day and night, bringing peace to all hearts."

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