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Power Place: The Blue Spring in Erl

Experience nature at its finest

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The Blue Spring in Erl is a wonder of nature than can only be described as simply breathtaking. The sun illuminates its waters yielding the most alluring green and turquoise tones, trees spread their branches protectively across its pristine surface and the gentle rippling of water generates a pleasant feeling of relaxation. The spring has long been regarded as a mysterious power place in Erl that radiates an incredible amount of energy. According to the naturalist Maria Bachmann, the Blue Spring still holds many mysteries yet to be solved, even today.

The power of water at the foot of the Wilder Kaiser

Erl is a popular tourist destination that offers much more than just the world renowned Passion Play. Apart from the two main cultural sites, the Passion Playhouse and the Festival Hall, the municipality of 1,497 inhabitants offers another special attraction only a few meters away: the Blue Spring is a power place you can easily reach to recharge your batteries. Arriving by car: Car park located opposite Gasthof Blaue Quelle. Arriving by bus: Bus stop in front of the guest house Blaue Quelle.

Natural wonder

As created by God’s hand, after a short walk through the Gasthof Blaue Quelle garden a small valley opens up to reveal the largest drinking water spring in Tyrol. "It’s a unique power place, which has been privately owned for years," explains Maria. And that is a good thing as it ensures that this mysterious, beautiful place will be preserved for a long time to come. After entering passed the fence, visitors are greeted by striking scenery. The interplay of colours is fascinating. The trees, the meadows and the algae-filled waterbed make this place shine in all shades of green. Not only that: "In those areas which are not covered with algae, the water shimmers in bright turquoise. Almost like a lagoon," adds Maria.

Soothing & inspiring

Two benches and a cosy wooden lounger invite you to linger. The water ripples slowly out of the earth, producing gentle waves that soothe the mind and soul. "Here 700 litres of drinking water per second are emitted from the earth," says Maria. However the source of the spring remains unknown. "Researchers have dyed the water of the surrounding streams with a natural red dye to try to determine if any run into the spring. But none of these have been found to lead to the Blue Spring. According to folklore, there may be a large underground lake situated under the guest house, but this has never been scientifically proven," explains Maria. Perhaps this is one of the reasons why this power place emanates a special mysterious energy.

Clear, clear, Blue Spring

"The water is up to 4.5 metres deep in places," says Maria Bachmann. "Swimming is forbidden here. But with an average water temperature of seven degrees, it would be a challenge even for hard-core swimmers." The water courses its way through a mill and a small stream directly into the Inn river. Shortly before it flows into the big river some of the crystal clear water is pumped into a well, which is located on the other side of the guest house. "It’s always busy there. The spring’s cool drinking water attracts many visitors from all over the world. Visitors from near and far often take home a bottle of spring water after a visit to the Blue Spring. "So you can also take home a souvenir for those who stayed at home or as a personal memento of your visit to the breathtaking oasis of relaxation in Erl.

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