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Tyrol Festival Erl

An idyllic landscape meets musical enjoyment. Tyrol Festival Erl. Winter festival. Zwischen/Zeit. Erl Ring. The passion play house and the festival hall bring international musical flair to the picturesque village of Erl throughout the year.More information

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Tyrol Festival Erl

Two buildings for musical enjoyment

The silvery robes shimmer in the spotlights. Their arms are folded over their chest, and they sit upright on their bikes. They look straight ahead. Then suddenly they are lit up. The Valkyrie on wheels. The passion play house sounds out. Festival on the green meadow. Opera glamour in front of a mountain panorama. International flair in an idyllic village. The Tyrolean festival Erl brings together contrasts.

A new home

The Tyrolean festival Erl, founded by Gustav Kuhn in 1997, has been held over 25 days in July in the Erl passion play house every year since 1998. In December 2012 a new winter festival hall was opened alongside the original festival venue. Over the space of two weeks around Christmas, visitors can enjoy musical highlights at the Winter Festival Erl. In summer the building is used as an alternative venue to the passion play house.

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My first encounter with the Tyrolean Festival Erl


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My first encounter with the Tyrolean Festival Erl

What is expecting me in Erl? I asked myself.

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