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Passion plays Thiersee

Passion plays have a long tradition in Tyrol. It is a custom that has been kept alive in Thiersee for hundreds of years. Every six years the picturesque village, surrounded by the Tyrolean natural landscape, dedicates its entire summer to the passion plays. The next passion plays in Thiersee will take place in 2022.More information

Passion Plays Thiersee

Passion since 1799

Thiersee will once again transform itself in 2022. Many Thiersee residents will have almost no leisure time. Vacation will become a secondary matter. A passion will be rekindled. Traditional. Modern. Impressive. A small Tyrolean valley dedicates itself to the Thiersee passion plays.

250 people pull together

The Tyrolean passion play tradition has been kept alive in Thiersee since 1799. 250 Thiersee residents of all ages pull together in a show that will get under your skin and leave a lasting impression. Amateur actors. Amateur musicians. Amateur technicians. The life and death of Jesus Christ in the Passion Play House Thiersee. For those participating the passion plays mean a year of rehearsals. A lot of patience. Icy temperatures in winter. Perseverance. Team spirit. Unconditional cooperation. Great discipline. Most of them give up almost all their leisure time for the entire year, as well as their summer holidays, for the village project and their passion. During the passion play season the participants perform every weekend, from the middle of June to the start of October. The unparalleled sense of community can be seen and felt every time, and extends to the audience. More emotional than any theatre. Gripping. Contemplative. A priceless experience.

Dates Passion Play Thiersee:

  • 12 June - 2 October 2022

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A valley and its passion


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A valley and its passion

The passion in Thiersee

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