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Kufstein Knights’ Festival

Hundreds of participants from across Europe are in attendance. The Middle Ages are brought to life! Historic flair at Kufstein Fortress. Lively mediaeval activities. The imaginative world of jugglers, musicians and fire artists. Strong knights, brave knaves, mischievous mercenaries and noble damsels stroll down the alleyways and across the squares at Kufstein Fortress. Experience an unforgettable, mediaeval weekend in Kufsteinerland!More information

Kufstein Knights’ Festival - a spectacular mediaeval event at Kufstein Fortress

Damsels & knights

The sounds of the mediaeval era emanate from the fortress arena and over the fortress walls. A glance around. The Tyrolean mountains of Kufsteinerland as a natural backdrop. The scent of grilled meat and fresh bread in the air. Three knights are sitting around the campfire, their swords alongside them. A noble damsel strides past. The shouting of traders can be heard from afar, peddling their goods. Mediaeval life. The historic Kufstein Fortress. History traditionally comes to life here at Whitsun, bringing mediaeval life to the old walls. The Kufstein Knights’ Festival.

Mediaeval life

The Knights’ Festival in Kufstein is a fixed annual point in the calendar of Kufstein Fortress. Three years, dedicated to the Middle Ages. The historic side of the fortress town gradually comes to life. Knights, jugglers, mercenaries, damsels. Campfire life. Sword fights. Fire shows. Lively activity at the knights’ camp. Proud minstrels. High calibre musical groups from the Middle Ages, taking visitors back to a time gone by. Grilled corn on the cob. Dragon’s blood. Culinary treats to pamper you at the cosy beer garden or in the lively festival arena. Traders peddle their wares. From wooden swords for children to mediaeval outfits. Over 500 people fill the festival site with mediaeval life and offer insight into the past life of Kufstein Fortress.

Conquering the city

Surrounded by the Tyrolean peaks of Kufsteinerland, the mediaeval folk weave their way through Kufstein’s town centre in a long procession. The mediaeval spectacle is paired with the modern and urban flair of the fortress town. On Saturday morning from 10:00.


  • Entrance to Kufstein Fortress | Festungsneuhof: the entrance to Kufstein Fortress – Festungsneuhof – is situated in the centre of Kufstein. Close to the town hall. Level with the St. Vitus parish church. Here you can also find the fortress counter, valley station of the Panoramabahn Kaiser Maximilian cable car and access to the footpath which leads up the covered stairs to Kufstein Fortress.
  • The entrance to the valley station of the Kufstein Fortress lift is also situated at the end of the Römerhofgasse, at the lower end of Kufstein’s old town. The counter is located right by the lift. The entrance is only opened when there are longer queues in the Festungsneuhof.
  • To the west of Kufstein’s centre, the Kaiserjägerweg (footpath) leads to the Josefsburg, fortress arena. The starting point is on the Salurner-Straße / Kink-Straße opposite the DISK petrol station, close to the police station and fortress pharmacy.

Opening times:

Day: Opening times:
Friday 10.00 til 22.00
Saturday 10.00 til 22.00
Sunday 10.00 til 22.00

Admission prices:

Admission: 1 day: 4 days:
Adults EUR 16,00 EUR 32,00
Children/school pupils (6 - 16 years) EUR 7,00 EUR 14,00
Families: 2 adults and children EUR 35,00 EUR 68,00
Groups: from 19 guests – per person EUR 14,00 ---
Visitors dressed up EUR 14,00 ---

Children aged 0-5 years - free!

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