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Bringing home the cattle Kufstein

Traditionally the cows come back from the alms around Kufsteinerland to their farmsteads in autumn. The event becomes a festival when accompanied by Tyrolean traditions, handicrafts and culinary delicacies. Hundreds of cows and their calves move through the streets of Kufstein, bringing alm flair into the centre of town.More information

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  • 21.09.2019 / 10.30 a.m.
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Bringing home the cattle Kufstein

Return of the cows to the fortress city

Stylish cafés. Tyrolean market stands. Elegant bars. "Kiachl" (fried pastry) and "Blattl mit Kraut" (pasty with sauerkraut). The latest autumn/winter trends. Decorated cows. Every year in autumn the alm comes to the upper town square of the fortress city. It combines urban flair with rural tranquillity. Nature meets the city. Trends meet tradition. Bringing home the cattle, Kufstein.

An alm festival at the foot of Kufstein Fortress

On the Saturdays in September the festivals for bringing home the cattle welcome autumn to Tyrol. The return of the cows to Kufstein fascinates through the combination of city and countryside, and brings the upper town square to life. Live music. The Stadtmusikkapelle Kufstein. The cracking of the whips and the schuhplattler group "D´Koasara". Traditional handicraft at around 30 market stands from Tyrol and Bavaria. Culinary delicacies from around the region put Kufsteinerland on your plate. "Kiachl" (fried pastry). "Blattl mit Kraut" (pasty with sauerkraut). Old recipes. Prepared by the associations and farmer's wives of the region. Children can dive into rural, culinary traditions by cooking twist bread, and get a taste of adventure. Jumping castles and crafts round off the children's programme. In the afternoon the colourful bustle is topped off with the ringing of the cow bells. Hundreds of cows from the Schwoich farmers move through the fortress city. Colourfully decorated. Living traditions. A day in the nature-bound fortress city that is dedicated to Tyrolean traditions.

Schedule of the cows

The festival in Kufstein for bringing home the cattle starts at 10:30 in the upper town square. The schuhplattler group "D´Koasara" present authentic customs. At 12:30 the Stadtmusikkapelle Kufstein marches into the upper town square for a half hour concert. The Fischbachau whip crackers then also take a turn to show old traditions. The highlight, arrival of the Schwoich farmers' cows, will happen around 2:30 pm.

Entry to the festival for bringing home the cattle is free!

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