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Museum of local history Niederndorf

A journey into the past

The tools hang tightly packed above the open fireplace. In-between, two wrought-iron rose twines. The original white of the wall now in some places more resembles dark grey, thanks to the soot. The former forging furnace. A few steps on, cabinets with old wood planes. Crosses. Rosaries. A hodgepodge of old tools. Religious utensils. Odds and ends. The Museum of local history "Zur alten Schmiede"

Hot irons & singing anvil

Lotte Kaltschmid stands amidst her rarities. She is the soul of the museum, knows a story to go with every item, which she is happy to tell. The Museum of local history right in the centre of Niederndorf is a collection of curious old handicraft, some of it forgotten. Murals. Ornaments. A tour of the workshops. A look at old Tirolean handicraft. Blacksmith. Cartwright. Horseshoer. Locksmith. In glowing heat they hammered and forged here. Shoemaker nails. Bells. Swords. Scythes. Old treasures lovingly collected and put on display by the Kaltschmid family. On view is also the 207 kg heavy, more than 100 years old, "singing anvil", which travelled the world with the Tirolean Festival-Company Erl. Guided tours possible by appointment.

Admission: donations are welcome

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