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Sewing Machine Museum Madersperger Kufstein

Needle and thread

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"Necchi" is emblazoned in golden letters on the black background. The writing has already faded a little. A bit further down, a golden ornament adorns the shiny cabinet. Not quite as elaborately decorated is the old item behind it. Instead, the golden company name "Pfaff" stands out even more. The eyes keep wandering. One treasure after another. Old handicraft with Kufstein roots. The Sewing Machine Museum Madersperger Kufstein.

An inventor's sad fate

It was the year 1814 when Kufstein native Josef Madersperger (b. 1768 in Kufstein, d. 1850 in Vienna) presented his invention. A sewing machine. The master tailor had invested his entire savings and years of spare time into developing a sewing machine. An inventor's fate that no one recognised the usefulness of the sewing machine, no one wanted to buy this marvel. Various improvements also did not lead to success. Another factor was that he had no money to build a factory, and thus after some improvements to his sewing machine he gave it away to the Polytechnic Institute in Vienna in 1839. In Kufstein, a museum was built in honour of the inventor of the sewing machine. Interesting insights into the life of Madersperger. The transition of clothing from a luxury item to a mass product. The development of the sewing machine. An audiovisual show. The little museum is located in the house where Josef Madersperger was born in Kinkstrasse Road.

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