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Mining Museum Bad Häring

Haui the miner

Haui has seen it all. Thus he also has much to tell. And the miner is happy to tell his story. From times past. What it was like back then, when mining was still done in Bad Häring and not just a model mine train caused a stir. The Mining Museum Bad Häring.

In the footsteps of the miners

Right in the village centre of Bad Häring, in the building where Café Linde is housed, you'll find the Pölvenkeller basement vault. The burning mountain. A mining museum with multimedia attractions on all things mining and the life of the miners in Bad Häring. Exploring. Experiencing. Joining in. Browsing peculiar finds. Operating a model mine train. Handling a sprinkler. Listening to Haui the miner tell his stories.

Free admission.

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