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Kufstein Fortress

Back to the age of the knights

The journey leads slowly upwards. The fortress town gradually comes into view in all its diversity. Up above the rooftops. Away from the hustle and bustle of the town. It gets dark. The Kaiser Maximilian panoramic railway has reached the fortress. Thick walls. Narrow alleyways. Underground passages. Wide-ranging views across Kufsteinerland. The mountains of Tyrol as a backdrop. The era of knights is brought back to life. Kufstein Fortress, one of the most significant historical monuments in Tyrol. An attractive world of adventure. A spectacular and unique events location.

Experience history

The imposing outside area with fortifications which are typical of so many fortresses. The Elisabeth-Batterie with gun barrels. The Schlossrondell with its wooden embattlement structure. The 60m deep well. The mystery of the underground passageway cut from the rock. Museums about life at the fortress. Changing special exhibitions. 21 different stations offer visitors a chance to submerse themselves in the past. An information folder is available at the entrance to the fortress to help visitors find their way around the extensive site with information on the role and history of Kufstein Fortress.

An exhibition of life

State prison. Exhibits from Tyrol’s Kaiserjäger regiment. Three museums offer insight into the history of this fortress town.

The Fortress and Local History Museum was revamped as a museum facility in 1998. The renowned Graz-based exhibition expert and set designer Hans Michael Heger was responsible for the design. State-of-the-art exhibition technology. Bright colours. Sophisticated effects. An adventure-packed journey through the history of Kufstein, high above this town on the green river Inn.

The upper floor of the Kaiserturm tower of Kufstein Fortress was used as a state prison during the days of the Austro-Hungarian monarchy. Many people were incarcerated here. These included famous prisoners such as the Hungarian author Ferenc Kazinczy. He documented his time here in the book ‘The Diary of My Imprisonment’.

The museum in the Bürgerturm tower focuses on Tyrol’s Kaiserjäger regiment and Tyrolean marksmen. It is thanks to a member of Tyrol’s Kaiserjäger regiment that an outdoor organ was installed at the fortress. The world’s first outdoor organ is housed in the Bürgerturm tower.

Princesses and knights

A loud giggling can be heard behind the thick walls. The young princesses are scurrying through the corridors. Discover the history of Kufstein Fortress together with the young knights. As part of the kids’ programme, children and young people are submersed into the era of the knights and experience an adventure-packed journey back into the past. The state certified GUIDES association offers age-appropriate tours for school parties and groups of children of all ages, by prior arrangement. On request, fancy dress tours can also be booked with a knight or princess.

The music of heroes

Organ music fills the fortress town. 4,948 pipes. The world’s largest outdoor organ. A daily concert which chimes out across Kufstein at 12:00 every day. During the summer months of July and August, the Heldenorgel concert also takes place at 18:00. The Kaiser Maximilian panoramic railway does not operate during the concert. The Heldenorgel concert is included in the admission fee for Kufstein Fortress.

Submersed deep in history

Discover the secrets of the fortress. Listen to the stories behind the stately walls. A fascinating insight into history. The state certified GUIDES association offers guided tours of the fortress for individuals and groups during the regular opening hours. A guided tour also takes place every day during the summer season. The meeting point is the Festungsneuhof courtyard, right by the entrance to Kufstein Fortress, at the valley station of the Kaiser Maximilian panoramic railway.

Culture and history behind thick walls

The sun slowly dips behind the Pendling. The last rays of sunshine paint imposing shadows on the fortress walls. The skies turn red and submerse the Tyrolean peaks of the Kufsteinerland in a mystical light. One bang. Another. The presentation begins. The outdoor atmosphere, surrounded by thick walls, offers a unique backdrop for various events. Classical concerts. Pop & rock live acts. A summer of operettas in Kufstein. Musical highlights with a historic setting. Events with up to 4,200 guests. An open-air event in the covered fortress arena. Individually planned private and company celebrations. Seminars. Incentive events. The usable rooms, surrounded by the striking Kaiserturm tower and the castle chapel are equipped with modern technology. Culinary treats are served straight from the fortress kitchens. The very finest catering.

Guided tour of Kufstein Fortress during the summer season:

During summer season, a guided tour takes place from Friday to Sunday at 12.40 pm. The meeting point is at the 'Schlossrondell' on top of the Panorama cable car. The guided tour fee is € 3.50 per person. (Minimum number of participants: 6 persons or minimum fare of € 25.00) No registration required!

Admission prices Kufstein fortress:

All-in combi-ticket Summer Winter
Adults EUR 13,00 EUR 12,50
Children, school pupils, students EUR 7,50 EUR 7,00
Families: 2 adults & children EUR 27,00 EUR 26,00
Groups: from 10 guests - per person EUR 12,00 EUR 11,50
Guided school groups EUR 5,50 EUR 5,50

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