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Fallow deer enclosure Bad Häring - brown and white beauties

Impressive antlers & young deer

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The brown and white spotted hillocks in the green grass move slightly. They are spread over the whole meadow, and easy to spot. In some places they are clustered together, in others alone. Suddenly one of the brown and white hillocks stands up. It has two perky ears. Four slender legs. The fallow deer in the Bad Häring fallow deer park.

An extended family on 2.5 ha

Fallow deer have been living on Hannes Unterrainer's Dallnhof since 1991. Around 60 animals currently live in the 2.5 ha fallow deer park. The "old men" of the extended family show their impressive antlers. In spring the young fawns frolic around the meadow. Panels provide information about the characteristics and distribution of the species. Every Thursday, on request, a fallow deer feeding takes place at 4:30 pm. The almost fat-free meat of the fallow deer can be bought, and is perfect for people on a diet.

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