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Stimmersee - Kufstein

Stimmersee near Langkampfen - a crystal-clear oasis
Crystal clear. Shimmering green. The shoreline slopes away gently, inviting strolls. The lake nestles in the Tyrolean Mountains of Kufsteinerland. Both long sides of the lake are surrounded by forests. It is open to the east and west. Sunbathing lawns. Stimmersee in Langkampfen, one of the eight picturesque villages of Kufsteinerland, impresses nature lovers and families.

A place to feel good
Stimmersee is one of the two cleanest lakes in Austria. The average water temperature in summer is a comfortable 21 °C. In the north and south the thick forests surrounding the clear lake reach all the way to the shoreline. The eastern and western ends have sunbathing lawns. Toilets. Change rooms. Refreshment options. A beach volleyball court and a children's playground.

Created for bathing
The 3.5-hectare lake was created between 1928 and 1932. Today it is a jewel at the foot of Pendling, the local mountain for Kufstein residents. The nearby meadows and forests are perfect for walking and especially idyllic.

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