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Antoniuskapelle - Ebbs

The Antonius chapel in the Kaisertal nature reserve was built in 1711 and is located on a small knoll. Nearby is Hinterkaiserhof, the oldest farmyard in the Kaisertal with a cosy “Jausenstation” (snack station). A wonderful view of Gamsberg on the opposite side and further into the Kaisertal opens up from the chapel.

The Antonius chapel has a long history. It was constructed in 1711 on the site of a previous chapel dedicated to St. Anthony, the patron saint for people in distress or danger. After multiple extensions and modifications, in 1944 the Antonius chapel fell victim to vandals, who stole the figure of St. Leonhard. In the years 1985/1986, the Schaffer family from Hinterkaiserhof, who own the chapel, extensively renovated the chapel and gave it a weatherproof copper roof.

This power place can be reached via the Kaiseraufstieg Ebbs in around 1-1.5 hours.

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