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Pfrillsee Kufstein - enchanting and magical forest

Green paradise


The shadows of the trees create gentle patterns that decorate the glittering water surface. The border between the forest and the lake almost disappears. The surrounding hilltops seem to hug the lake protectively. Green in all its shades. A glittering idly, surrounded by thick Tyrolean forests. As the smallest of the four Thierberg lakes, Pfrillsee impresses with a harmonious combination of forest and water, and offers a spectacular view of the fortress city.

Idyllic bathing

Small but nice, that's probably the best way to describe this beautiful forest lake. Pfrillsee is famous for its wonderful tranquillity, and extremely good water quality. Idyllic bathing pleasure in the middle of Kufsteinerland, with the fortress city, surrounding nature and the eight picturesque villages. Pfrillsee is accessible free-of-charge to the public.


Located 100 meters over Kufstein, the thick forest on the southern side of Pfrillsee opens up and gives an excellent view of the fortress city. The urban and historical flair of Kufstein is all the more fascinating because it is surrounded by the tranquillity of the Tyrolean Forests. Waldsee is particularly popular with hikers, and is also part of the 4-lake hike in Kufsteinerland. This idyllic hike leads to Egelsee, then past Längssee and Pfrillsee. It starts from the right-hand shore of Hechtsee.

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