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Trough the Kaiser Valley to chapel St. Antonius


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879 m

370 m

8.2 km




parking Kaisertal


Antonius chapel

Tour description

The beautiful landscape as well as the windless and climatic favourable location makes the Kaiser valley also in winter worth a visit. First you have to take about 280 steps uphill before you can take a breath at a short flat section. You come past the Neapelbank which invites you to take a seat and relax a moment. You continue hiking past the Pfandlhof and from there you reach the Antoniuschapel in 30-45 minutes.


  • ca. 270 Stufen, Forstwege, Schotter, Asphalt
  • Anreise mit dem Bus: Stadtbus Kufstein (Linie 1 & 2) bis Kaiseraufstieg
    Anreise mit dem PKW: bis Parkplatz Kaiseraufstieg

Culinary highlights, breathtaking spots and parking lots:

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