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Sled run Hechenberg


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1.2 km



Tour description

Perfectly suitable for a cozy family run or a quick sled run in between.

Details to the sled run:
Starting point: Erler Street (opposite ice skating rink)
Final stop: Hechenberg 640m
Differenz in elevation: 144hm
Attended time: 45 minutes
Lengths of sled run: 1,2km
Lengths of route: 1,2km
Lighting: no
Sled rent: no
Parking: parallel along Erler street
Possibility to stop for a bite to eat: no

Route: From Erler street you follow the well-signposted path along the forest/sled run uphill until you reach the pilgrimage chapel.

Character: Cozy familie run or perfect for a quick sled run in between.


  • Winter
  • Starting point is Erler street (opposite of the ice skating rink)

Culinary highlights, breathtaking spots and parking lots:

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