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Scheffauer via Widauersteig


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7:00 h

2111 m

1000 m

11.0 km




Bergstation Kaiserlift



Tour description

Easy via ferrata to one of the most striking peaks in the Kaisergebirge.

The first 800 metres of altitude can be covered on foot, by bike or by lift. It is recommended to leave as soon as possible to avoid missing the last descent with the Kaiserlift!
Opening hours and further information:

From the top station of the Kaiserlift you first go down to the Gaisbachgraben before the path leads up again to the Kaindlhütte. From the Kaindlhütte we head towards the Scheffauer, first over the alpine meadow, then further through the forest up the Widauersteig. Once out of the forest at the top, you bypass the large cirque on the right, cross again to the left directly at the foot of the wall and come to the start of the via ferrata.
From now on, the climb is secured at the most difficult points with wire rope and partly provided with step brackets. At the beginning the climb has A/B places, some A places and an uninsured exit over a chimney. 
At the crossing towards Scheffau, you go up the last ascent to the summit on a good hiking trail. The descent is the same as the ascent.

Ambitious mountaineers can alternatively choose the descent via the south side in the direction of Scheffau and take the long way back via the Walleralm. In this case, the lift can only be used for ascents or descents or for very fast hikers.

In principle, the Widauersteig is also suitable for via ferrata beginners. Caution should be exercised especially when finding your way, as sometimes markings are not immediately visible and ascending in this area can cause dangerous situations. In addition it is recommended to wear a helmet, as stones can be released by themselves as well as by other hikers.


  • gravel, hiking trails, alpine paths
  • Hiking equipment, good footwear, helmet, via ferrata set at your own discretion
  • Arrival by car is possible up to the paid parking lot of the Kaiserlift. Take the regional bus in the direction of Ebbs and get off at the stop "Kaiseraufstieg". Take the city bus at the stop "Meraner Straße/Kaiserlift".

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